7 Dazzling Examples Of Triangular Icons In Custom Logo Designs

Posted on December 15th, 2017 by admin
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What is the only common aspect among the famous brands such as Adidas, SAP, VISA, Adobe, Mitsubishi, and Google drive? You have got it right, it’s the use of triangular geometry in each of their logos. To utilize the benefits of the same, many custom logo designs are being made with triangular elements in the UK these days as well.


In fact, the use of triangular entity is an age-old tradition, as it conveys the emotion of power, masculinity, timidity, organization, and efficiency. Particularly a triangle sitting on its base represents predominantly the stability. Simultaneously sitting in its corners, it represents dynamicity. Thus, in spite of its orientation, it adds value to its respective custom logo design.


Here we present a series of triangular logos and their importance in details.

1. Aztec

Logo Design


This logo has been designed by using a red and white grid pattern embedded within a triangle. The logo is sitting on its base conveying the assurance of the company in delivering what they have promised.

2. A.B.N.G

Logo Design


The logo is not an average regular sharp-edged triangle as we see in the mathematics book, rather it is designed by joining 3 shell-like structure at its center. It is much like the amalgamation of several units towards forming a group and hence justifying the name of the brand. Altogether it represents a triangular structure with rounded edges.

3. Judi

Logo Design


This company deals with trading and investment and the use of the triangular logo fits perfectly with the nature of business. The logo has 3 different triangles superimposed upon each other, representing the ascent and the downfall of the market value.

4. Kobe Sushi

Logo Design


Again, this is not an example of a conventional triangle. The logo of Kobe Sushi is designed by separating all the three arms of the triangle and arranging them in a different orientation, somewhat resembling chopsticks on the platter.

5. JDZ Media

Logo Design


The logo of JDZ media uses a small triangular icon sitting straight on its corner. The triangular shape is the most common geometric shape to be used in the media as it resembles the pause/resume button of music/video player.

6. Celtic experience

Logo Design


This logo is yet another example of an unconventional triangular icon. It is designed by embedding a circle upon a 3 leaf-like structure. Upon this superimposition, it gives a somewhat smooth triangular icon.

7. Alchemy

Logo Design


The logo of Alchemy not only has the triangle, but also the circular element in it, keeping the essence of its historical significance intact in the modern background. Moreover, the triangle represents the alphabet A in the logo as well.


These are some of the examples of triangular logos that have been designed by us. In spite every business being unique, the usage of the triangular logo adds a hint of stability and effectiveness to their brand.


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