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£30 Investment Towards Christmas Promotion Can Uplift Your Startup

Posted December 7th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


Festive seasons are a great time for every business to flourish. Yes, Every business. Every business that makes a strategic planning for this upcoming season. All you need to do is to think different and do differently. For instance, notice how our customized logo design in the upper left corner is looking quite dressed up! Its a part of our Christmas holiday marketing campaign. Want to uplift your business too?


Here we offer a few tips towards making a clever holiday marketing campaign. Check them all out and evaluate which to go with, or all of them, if you can-


1. Customized Products


Until a couple of decades back, most businesses used to work the ‘discount theory’ to get marginal profit over high sales figures. However, there is a major shift in the buying behaviors of customer around this time of the year. Nowadays people are no longer looking for cheap, discounted offers. In fact, they are willing to spend extra to get special products. Product customization is a clever way of making it happen. However, this requires spending quite a lot to come up with such innovative ideas.


Estimated Average Budget- about 25 to 30 % of annual revenue



2. Christmas Packaging


Product or service customization is quite tricky and often NOT a cup of tea for every business out there. Thereby, many times, working on the outside does the trick as well. Christmas packaging is a nice way of grabbing people’s attention. However, it is crucial to get this package designed by professional people to do the job perfectly.


Estimated Average Budget- about 10 to 15 % of annual revenue



3. Revamped Christmas Logo


It is adopting a new logo design that resembles the actual one, but uses some specific elements of the Christmas. This is a wise step for a business of every size and budget. It is effective with any other promotion and even without. The revamped logo design evokes a nostalgic emotion of the customers around the festive season.


Estimated Average Budget- only £ 30, if you are getting it customized from the house of GB Logo Design.



As already mentioned, today’s leading strategy is no longer about pushing sales, instead, it is about making the best by using small, but effective tactics. No matter what measures you are practicing, enforce it even more with your very own Christmas revamped logo.


Place your order now to make the best out of this upcoming Christmas, only at

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4 Most Foolish Logo Mistakes In 2018

Posted December 1st, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


The importance of logo design is crucial for every organization these days. However, getting the right logo design can be a challenge. Often people make mistakes when it comes to logo design for their respective business or organization.


There are several kinds of mistakes out there, using the wrong color, or going for poor fonts, but today, we will list out 4 most foolish and yet most common mistakes associated with it, even in the year of tech-driven 2018.


1. You Have No Logo Design


It might sound like a silly point, but it is the biggest mistake related to a logo design. Having one is crucial for EVERY organization, irrespective of its nature. Strangely, as per studies, about 3 in every 10 new startups do not even own a logo design. And sadly, getting a customized logo design is not even on their strategy to uplift their business.



2. You Have Made A Logo On Your Own


Self-dependence is a beautiful thing and everyone should try to attain it unless it is something related to your health or logo design. It is best to let the professionals handle the same. A customized logo design takes a lot more effort and expertise that you might realize. Proficiency in designing, research, understanding the correct color blend, font, and familiarity with the latest trends are simply some of them.



3. You Have Not Registered Your Logo


Amidst the high recurrence of plagiarism of intellectual property, these days, logo ownership is no longer a choice these days, it is a necessity. The time frame and originality are 2 crucial factors in having the legal ownership of the logo design. Moreover, you need fresh, original elements for every new logo to get registered. Needless to say, making them from a professional firm is very crucial.



4. You Have Not Used Your Logo Enough


Getting a perfect logo is just the best kickstart. But using it perfectly is crucial as well. In case you have simply had your logo pasted on your office and not adapted it on the other business entities, you have made a big mistake. Using logo design in all your business portals is very much important. It includes a business card, brochures, website portals, email signature and more. You need to have your logo designed in every file format, in order to use it effectively in each of these portals.



After reading this blog, are you realizing you have made a mistake for your business logo as well? Use this opportunity and get a professional logo designed now from GB Logo Design. In fact, you can get it at a discounted price as we are offering the Christmas and new year offers right now!


Remember as Oscar Wilde rightly said once, ‘Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.


Indeed, mistakes are what makes us better if lessons are learned in time.


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Amazing Portfolio For Kids Gift House Logo Design

Posted November 23rd, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


The house of GB Logo design does a wonderful job in delivering the perfect, well-suited logo designs for our clients. We offer several logo designs with ‘multiple options’ packages for our clients to help the business of every size and need.


Today, we are here to discuss one very special client. It is a business inspired to bring smiles and giggles on the lips of mini customers. This special business is called- ‘Happy Little Fox‘ and offers Children interior solutions and gifts. It deals with offering a wide range of products including a series of customized, handmade items as well. Since it is a new business, which is yet to establish its unique brand identity, that is why we have decided to go with a wordmark logo design to showcase the business name to the world.


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We have predominantly used the color ‘orange’ as it conveys the emotions of happiness, warmth, excitements, prosperity, energy, and excitement. Needless to say, these emotions are very special to childhood and thus the most ideal color for this particular business.


Here we present the 4 logo design options, we designed for ‘ Happy Little Fox’-



This one is a monochromatic logo designed entirely in orange. It presents the business name, along with an icon of a proud fox, holding its head high. The fox designed in a simple silhouette and mainly makes people focus on the colors and absorb the essence of the same.




This one used the color black as well, along with the regular orange. The logo design shows some brilliant usage of the words. The letters ‘y’ and ‘F’ are clubbed together to make them resemble the tail of the fox.




This logo design option has a tiny icon of the fox. This fox is rather jumpy and ready to explore the world, somewhat evoking curiosity among the small children as well. The logo design also uses a hint of white color at the end of the tail and gives a special look to it.




This one was the final option that the client went with. It is created with all the 3 colors and it gives a special look, that looks very intriguing to the kids and sure to grab the attention of its target audience- the kids and their parents as well, as a bonus.


Read more- portfolio options for security solution business


Don’t forget to let us know which one did you like the best!


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Why Should You Consider Ordering Your Logo Design ‘Online’

Posted November 16th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


Are you associated with a business or planning to establish one on your own? Needless to say, you must be looking ahead to get a customized logo design for it as well. If you are an ‘old school guy’ and set with the local store, think once more, whether or not, you have the right people for the same. There are lots of firms in every fancy street corner that claims to offer logo designs and other graphic design solutions, but not all of them are equally capable of delivering quality products.


So, instead of taking detours to get your ideal logo design, consider ordering it online. Not sure, if its a good choice! Here we offer some excellent reasons for the same.


1. Checking Out The Portfolio Is Much Easier


It is always recommended to check out the past-work of at least 4-5 graphic designing firms before finalizing the one to proceed with. Doing the same for these many local stores is both tiresome and unnecessary. Simply browse through the portfolio of as many companies as you want and pick your favorite, all at your fingertips.



2. The Transaction Can Be Done Online


A logo design is a digital entity, which means it no longer needs to be carried and transported all the way back to the address of your residence or business. A simple email does it all, so what is the point of settling for a local business for the sake of more convenient home-delivery!



3. Your Ideal Business Might Be On Some Other Continent


The ‘supply and demand gap’ in your particular case might be on the intercontinental level. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel around the world to make contact or complete your order. With few clicks, it can be all set and done flawlessly.



4. Why NOT Getting It Online?


Instead of asking the reason why to, ask yourself ‘why not’? This is the digitally driven world, for crying out loud. An online store offers you much more convenience than a local store. You can even have 24/7 virtual assistance to help you with each step.


We, at GB Logo Design, offer best logo design created professionally to suit your every business need.


Read more- Step By Step Procedure Of Getting A Logo Design From GB Logo Design


Get on board with us to get your ideal logo design as well.


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Should You Consider Lettermark Logo For Your Business?

Posted November 9th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


Having an impactful logo design plays an important role in the overall marketing strategies. Thus, it is needless to say, it has to be suitable for your business. Most businesses, commonly showcase the entire business name as the logo design. However, there is a trend of a particular type of logo that uses only the initial typography, instead of the entire business name. These are called the lettermark logo design and some of the famous examples of the same are IBM, NASA, CNN, HP, WB, etc.


Lettermark logos are a suitable choice for many business types, but, it is particularly helpful for certain kinds of businesses.


Let’s understand them one by one-


1. Your Business Has A Rather Lengthy Name

If your business has a lengthy name and sounds like the official title of some Monarch, your consumers will have much difficulty recalling it. Using the initials is a more convenient choice in such cases. One such Notable example is Price Waterhouse Coopers, the initial PWC is a well-known business all over the world, and it is not a surprise to find that not many people know its full form.


2. The Abbreviation Is Easier To Speak

Even if your business name is quite simple to speak and literally stands for your business, its abbreviation is often more easy to speak. A notable example is HBO. Ask yourself, which one is more convenient to speak, Home Box Office or HBO!


3. Your Business Name Is From A Foreign Origin

Globalization has made spreading business over the entire globe quite convenient. However, if you are having a business name with the origin of a foreign language, it might be hard to pronounce by non-residents. This logo type is particularly helpful for the MNCs.


BMW is a noteworthy example. Its full name is Bayerische Motoren Werke, from the German origin, it translates to Bavarian Motor Works, in English. This well-known automobile company’s full name is difficult to pronounce by people in many parts of the world, while the acronym does a pretty good job.


4. Your Business Name Is Not Very Relevant To Your Overall Business

Did you finalize your business name exactly relevant with your product/service range during its pioneer time, but then spread with others as well? In such cases, using the entire business name is irrelevant and thus, the lettermark type logo works much better.


ITC, a well know Conglomerate industry established in the Indian subcontinent is the perfect example of such a case. Earlier it predominantly dealt with Cigar and it’s business name was rightly set as Indian Tobacco Company. However, currently, it deals with FMCG, hotels, and many other industries. Thankfully, they went for the lettermark logo and thus, it still enjoys the perks of using its original business name and logo.


Do you think, your business will drape the lettermark logo well too? Hire the professional designers of GB Logo Designs and uplift your business like never before.


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Johnson And Johnson – A Logo That Arose From a Signature

Posted November 2nd, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


For every parent out there, the name ‘Johnson and Johnson’ needs no separate introduction. Their product line and area served has changed drastically over the past 132 years, but do you know what didn’t! Their commitment to providing the best products and their emblem that speaks it all. Johnson and Johnson have the record for being one of the longest-running logo design on the global scale. Needless to say, their logo design is a well-known entity in all around the world. But only a few know that it was originally the signature of its founder. Interesting right! Let’s stroll through its journey to know more.


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When this particular company was founded, not many businesses were committed to a greater cause, other than simply earning a profit. The motto of Johnson and Johnson was to save and improvised lives. One of the co-founders James Wood Johnson took it upon himself to prove his commitment and literally put his signature, to conjugate his family name with the business. This happened in the year 1886 and in the year 1887, it was taken as the official logo of the business.


If you analyze it from the logo designing point of view, this is a wordmark logo that is painted in red, upon a white background. The typography is simply the handwriting of the very same James Wood Johnson. In the earliest times, Johnson and Johnson used to deal with first-aid and surgical care kits and soon explored into baby care products. They have used this logo in their products and also, in the carriages that used to deliver their products. Later on, they started to print them on their products, on a commercial scale.


They maintained the trend even when they spread their horizons to the other nations. During the year, 1988, when China welcomed its very first portal for Johnson and Johnson, they simply adapted the logo in the regional translation.


The year 2016 was a crucial period, by when the world literally demanded ‘innovation and change’ from literally everything. Johnson and Johnson found a brilliant way to make it happen while keeping its essence intact. They simply utilized the animation effect in their original logo. Their official website features this animated logo that literally appears as if it is being signed (in real time). The perfect revamp idea of this perfect logo with such deep roots.


Inspired to make such a brand out of your business as well? Start this journey of miles with a single, right step, by getting a suitable logo design.


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Halloween Discounts Uplifted GB Logo Design Sales By Almost 30 Percent

Posted October 26th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


The time of Halloween is almost here! We, from the house of GB Logo design, have added spirit to the same. We launched a special offer of flat 50% off. This huge discount, lucrative offer made many individuals think, whether it is a treat or tricks. It is not every day that a customized logo design costs only £30 and that too with 2 options.


Our exclusive discount offer was a huge hit and we are happy to announce that we have got enormous orders. Our sales almost uplifted 30% percent, which was pretty good in number. Today we will discuss a few noteworthy cases in brief.


Several of our clients have worked with us in the past, while many were suggested by their friends and acquaintances. And needless to say, a whole lot was attracted to us due to this lucrative offer.


Our clientèle was diversified for this offer as well, but we would like to mention 2 of such enthusiast client who particularly liked our work.


Mr. Johnathan Watson, a businessman dealing with photography studio was a special client. He launched his business about a month ago and needed almost every graphical solution. He placed the order for his business logo, along with a business card, and a few other corporate identities. This Halloween offer enabled him to have his logo designed at flat 50% discount, and other corporate identities designed for a discounted price as well. It was well received by Mr. Watson and his associates.


Miss Sarah Parker, a young bakery owner, placed her order for a Halloween themed logo revamp. We designed her logo with several elements of the Halloween as the scope of Halloween customized logo is huge. She was so impressed by our work, she got her social media covers redesigned as well. This inspired her to launch a few special dishes for the Halloween that looks scary on plates and tasty on palates. She sent her special thanks afterward as she too gained huge orders for the season.


Apart from these enthusiast clients, we received a positive response for our works from others. This encourages us to keep up the good work.


Read more- 10 Famous Brand Revamped For Halloween Season from GB Logo Design


Did you miss this amazing chance? Don’t be disheartened as we, from the house of GB Logo Design, will bring many other exciting offers for the Christmas. So, stay tuned for more offers!


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10 Famous Brand Revamped For Halloween Season

Posted October 15th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


The Halloween is knocking on the door. During this time of the year, everyone loves to dress up as someone/something to play mischievous. So, we, from the house of GB Logo Design decided to take a detour and dress 10 well-known brands as per the Halloween theme. So, let’s get started-


1. Snapchat


Well, obviously snapchat has a ghost as its mascot. But if you look, this ghost looks too friendly for the Halloween. We decided to simply put up a special guest for the special season. This one clearly will earn a title in the costume party, isn’t it!


2. Twitter


The chippering of this blue themed bird brings entertainment to us. But for this Halloween, we are dressing it as the legendary creature, Bat. It is certain to bring chills to the spine.


3. Wipeout


This well-known TV series makes people laugh out loud with its goofiness and recreational twists. But this Halloween upgrade looks too scary to even consider partaking. Are you up for the challenge?


4. Rolex


This brand logo is too well-known for offering luxury watches. The usual one represents a crown to cast the impression of royalty, but we modified it to resemble skeleton wrist. After all, the dead might still long for these luxury watches, you know!


5. Discovery


This well-known tv channel makes people explore the unexplored from their place of comfort itself. But for this Halloween season, it seems only right to replace the earth with the Halloween iconic pumpkin. Get on board to explore the season!


6. Disney


This animated logo itself brings a smile to the face, isn’t it! The Disney castle literally takes us to another world, full of wonders and beauties. To honor the season, we replaced it with a haunted castle, with bats hovering over it.


7. Instagram


Instagram is the best way to keep an eye on the happening all around the world. But did you ever wonder that a pair of the eye might be secretly watching you ‘all the time’? Feel the chill down your spine? Kudos, as its a Mission, accomplished for us.


8. Firefox


The iconic fox hugging the world is the brand logo of Firefox. It is one of the most wisely created logos of all times. Now that its the season of Halloween, we have given a pumpkin to the fox, for a change.


9. Adidas


Until the recent upgrade, the tri-liner logo rocked this very well know the brand. We modified it with 3 scratches that make everything ‘bleed it out’.


10. Colgate


Our day starts and ends with this very special oral hygiene product. For this Halloween season, we made a room for a vampire in its logo as they might fancy it too, to keep their fangs clean and healthy for bloodsucking.


Bonus- GB Logo Design


Well, we are not a world-famous brand, yet. But we revamped our own logo for the season as well. We placed a cute ghost as the ‘ghost of honour’ and spread some candies all around to evoke the feeling of ‘treat or trick’ and added 2 bats to completes the scenario.


Which one did you like the most? Make sure to let us know.


You too, can revamp your logo for Halloween or get a fresh one at a discounted rate. Place your order online now!


Disclaimer- We have simply recreated these logo designs for recreational purpose and claim no authority over it.


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Enjoy The Lucrative Flat 50% Discount Offer On Every Logo Design Package

Posted October 10th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


The scariest time of the year is on its way. In this regard, we, the house of GB Logo Design is all set to unlock the much awaited lucrative discount offer for every business out there. Here we begin the countdown of the offers we unleash this Halloween season-


1. 50% Flat Discount On Every Logo Design Package

We are offering a flat 50% off on every logo designing package. It is needless to say, how crucial role a customized logo design plays for any business at this age. So, make this the perfect excuse to get one for your own business. It is helpful for every business, but it is an opportunity, the startups cannot simply afford to miss.

We call out to all the brave soldiers who decided against working under another’s term and made a realm of their own. Now, that you can get your logo at just $30, that too with 2 different options. Check out the other logo design packages and avail the ones that suit the best.


2. Lucrative Offer On Business Card Design

This pocket-sized soldier can help your business win the battle against your competitors if designed and distributed right. As the festive season of Halloween can be the game changer for your business, we are offering business card design at a dazzling price. So, present your business with all its glory to everyone around the corner.


3. Halloween Theme Logo Upgrade

Halloween is celebrated with high spirit and great enthusiasm. Needless to say, many businesses are using this opportunity to boost their business. The scope of customized Halloween themed upgrading is huge. So, to help you bag the best of the season, we do offer Halloween upgrading of the brand logo along with other business identities. It can be used on various platforms to grab the attention of people and eventually generate more leads.

It is a given that your marketing campaign will be much more efficient with a tailored logo and banner design for this particular time of the year.


These offers are valid from, 5th to 31st October. Terms and conditions applied. So, hurry and place your order now. Visit our Halloween page to see our past-work and more details. Make this your opportunity to get a professionally created customized logo design for your brand.


Always remember,

Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.’


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6 Logos Redesigned For Halloween Branding

Posted October 4th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


As Halloween is already on its way to spice everything up, businesses are buckling up too, to make the most out of it. Needless to say, the scope of Halloween customization of the business logo is huge.

In this regard, here we present some of the Halloween themed logo designs that we have modified for our existing clients. So check out the amazing portfolio and buckle up to get your own logo customized with us, as well.

1. Bit Clue Cat


This virtual assistant helps its user in every way it can. Needless to say, we put on a little witch’s hat on the cat and it enhances its power like never before. Not only it will assist its users with work-related things, but will also keep them entertained and happy.


2. Little Star Investors


Investment is something that is always associated with some risks. The Halloween upgrade makes it even more spooky and makes people have an adrenalin rush. The start outline is the key element of this logo design and we have placed a tiny haunted house to complete its essence.
Are you up for investing towards this little scary haunted house?


3. Are U Web


The word ‘web’ itself creates an impression of the internet website these days. And of course, this business deals with it too. But for this Halloween season, we have added the spider web to add the element of spookiness to the business. Moreover, the Halloween background completes the theme.


4. Clone Media


This business is all dedicated to offering quality entertainment to its users. However, during this festive season, entertainment mostly revolves around scary objects and places. It seems only fit to add the most notable element of Halloween, the ‘scary pumpkin’.


5. Tost And Inspire


This business has a very simple yet self-explanatory logo. The magnifying glass illustrates how dedicated they are to find the best-tailored solution for each of their clients. We simply added a scary, curious cat peeking from the lens. Moreover, the color orange evokes the spirit of Halloween, as it reminds us of the iconic, carved pumpkin.


6. SK Entrepreneurs


This business is all set to help young entrepreneurs. As establishing a new business from the scratch itself is scary, it was imperative for us to customize this particular business logo. We added a scary pumpkin peeking from beneath the logo. Also the 2 flying bats kind of complement the entire theme of Halloween.


Excited to spice it up for your logo design too? Place your logo design order with us today.


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