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Amazing Custom Logo Design Options For Wildlife Photography Business In UK

Posted June 1st, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


Flexibility comes from having multiple choices; wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives

– Robert Dilts


As Robert Dilts has rightly said often having choices is the ultimate luxury you can get. We, at the house of GB Logo Design, offer multiple option package for any custom logo design. Today, let’s go through the logo options we designed for a rather special business- Neil Neville Photography.


We have previously designed several custom photography logo designs from time to time, but this one was kind of a special project. Our client Neil is an enthusiast, wildlife photographer and needed a logo for his business. It was crucial for us to deliver the perfect logo that speaks for itself. We came up with 6 logo options that we offered to our client.


We used three animals- white-tailed deer, snowy owl, and kingfisher bird, each having 2 different poses as each logo option. To enhance the effect the all the logos were painted in white against the black background.




A simple, close up the outline of the head of a white-tailed deer. It conveys that sometimes you are lucky enough get a close shot of these beautiful creatures.




The silhouette of the deer against a white moon background depicts that there is no particular time to get a perfect shot.




A logo resembling a shot taken from below of a mighty own flying.




From the exact opposite perspective of the previous option.




A sketch of a Kingfisher while seating on a branch, ready for a flight




A sketch of the same majestic bird in flight.


All the logos were made as logo lockup with an image of a splendid wildlife creature along with the entire business name. In a nutshell, the logo options were designed to make it a stand-alone the crowd of other photography business.


Our client was happy with the options we had offered. After changing his mind many times, finally, he settled for the top view of owl logo option.


At the house of GB Logo Design, we offer logo design with 2, 4 and 6 options packages with unlimited revisions to each one. So, get on-board with us to explore wide possibilities.


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Do NGOs need a logo too in order to have success stories?

Posted May 25th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


‘Survival of the fittest’ is a well-known theory proposed by Charles Darwin with respect to evolution and survival strategy on the Earth. However, it holds true for the businesses these days too. Thus, it is crucial for every business to own a customized logo, which differentiate a particular business from the other. In a short run, it creates a unique, singular identity, but in a long run, it helps the business to gain brand loyalty, and eventually profit.


However, not every organization exists for earning a profit. There are several organizations which dedicate towards bigger causes, such as contributing towards a better environment, society, education, healthcare, and other aspects. These organizations are known as Non-Government/ Profit Organizations. There are many numerous, NGOs these days. Some are more successful than others, due to several factors, and a customized logo is one of such factors.


There is a reason why every educated and aware individual is familiar with NGOs like Red cross society, Green Peace, Unicef etc. These Ngo began with a strong vision and in a single location and later spread on a global scale. The success stories of these organizations often inspire others to contribute as well. However, they fail to realize that a customized logo is the most noticeable factor and slip it all together.


The funding of an NGO is a very crucial factor that determines up to what extent it can fulfill its objectives. In order to make this entire funding, often it requires grants and donations from able individuals, corporates, and people. None of them are likely to contribute if an NGO fails to make a good first impression.


Having an appropriate business name and a suitable logo often does the same, most effectively. Just like corporate logos, having a personalized logo clears away many hurdles in the path of its success. And thereby, it is important to keep updating it from time to time, in order to keep with the pace of the fast-changing world. It is often seen when an NGO expands either in terms of its domain or even geographic territory.


Are you operating or contributing towards any particular NGO that is dedicated to making this world a better place? Is your NGO delivering its cause to all the potential people out there? Get a customized logo by getting on board with GB logo design.

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Client’s Guide On How To Copyright Or Trademark A Logo

Posted May 18th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


A business logo is the face of the company that represents it to the world. Now several businesses fail to understand its importance and as a result, settle for a generic logo. These logos might seem like a good idea at first as they cost less than a cup of coffee. However, later, does more damage than good.


Let’s understand how crucial it is to get full ownership and how to get it in details.


The generic logo design does not guarantee of its uniqueness or its singularity. Thereby, it makes it almost impossible to gain a license or ownership of the same. On the other hand, having a customized logo opens the doorway to acquire legal ownership of the logo.


Just like any other intellectual property, a customized logo can be filled for acquiring copyright. This ensures that the logo remains the property of a sole organization. It also protects it from, the possibilities of theft and illegal use by other organizations.


The first crucial decision is to ensure that entities are required to get ownership for, the logo alone or the business name as well. Then comes the turn of the customized logo. Getting one from a reliable logo designing company is advised to ensure that it has some creativity in it, to ensure its creativity.


There are two kinds of legal protections that are provided, namely, the trademark and the copyright, depending upon the type of the logo. However, for some logos, both of them can be registered simultaneously to ensures its full ownership. Another important aspect is to ensure the freelance designer or the designing firm agrees to the contract that they are working on the basis of hire, and thereby, do not demand ownership of the logo in the future.


As a final word of advice, the first and the foremost thing that is required before even considering logo ownership is obviously getting a customized logo. Even though, simplicity is what often desired in logo designs, having too much naive and a basic design has high chances that something similar already exists. However, that drive should end up getting a logo that looks like an icon of a futurist sci-fi movie either.


The house of GB logo design, ensure 100 percent original, creative and customized descent logo for each of its clients, which can be easily registered for the copyright and trademark. So, get on board to get a perfect logo for your business.

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Amazing Lettermark Logos That Instantly Speaks For Itself

Posted May 11th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


There are a variety of customized logo designs that are ruling the realm of logo designing these days. However, there are 4 main types of the logo design. Each has its own set of advantages and scope. Today, we are going to elaborate one specific type of logo, namely the lettermark logo.



The lettermark logo uses the initial acronym of the business, instead of the entire name. It is particularly helpful for businesses with lengthy or complicated names. Here we present a few examples of customized lettermark logo designs that have been designed and delivered by GB Logo Designs.


1. Accident Information Center

The logo for AIC (Accident Information Center) is a simple and appropriate one as it represents the business that offers help and support during the hours of duress. The logo has been designed by using a silhouette of a horse that represents promptness and alertness that the business ideally commits. The color blue furthermore represents faith, dedication, trust, and wisdom.


2. Daniel Jones Personal Trainer

The logo for this particular client was designed to match his needs. The initials of the Daniel Jones have been highlighted in the logo along with icons of two dumbbells and weight-lifting equipment. The logo is painted in ombre colors of orange, which represents emotions like determination, enthusiasm, encouragement etc, which closely relates to bodybuilding.


3. Adam Brown Tennis Academy

The logo of this academic organization has been designed very cleverly with the initials A and B are overlapped, one top of the other. The letter A also mimics the net and the letter B encapsulates a small icon of tennis bat. Overall, it is a logo that speaks of its business in minute details.


4. Earth, Wind and Fire Consulting

There is no such thing as ‘one solution fits it all’ and the Earth, Wind, and Fire consulting agency know it all. Thereby, it promises to go any length in every domain to deliver the best solution. The logo of this business bears the initial of all its three elements ‘e, w and f’ in broken letters. A perfect logo for a perfect business.


5. Eighteen Sixty

Who says the initial can only work for words and letters? It comes handy for large numbers as well. The logo for this particular business is quite simple and yet effective as it uses the numerical numbers 1860 in broken letters. It saves a lot of space and makes sit easy to bear in mind.


Does your business name also sound like a long monarch family name? Get it trimmed and groomed into a customized lettermark logo design by taking a step towards GB logo design.

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5 customized logo designs for Photography business in UK

Posted April 27th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


Photography has a rather special place in each of our lives. To capture and preserve these beautiful memories, we need professional photographers from time to time. Some offer event photography, while some indulge in seizing the breathtaking shots of nature, while some find solace in capturing the movements of wildlife.


Either way, it is important to convey its nature and feature to the people to offer a distinction from its competitors.


Here we offer 5 photography business that transformed its existence through personalized logo design.

1. Bantu Frame Photography



As the business name includes the Bantu, a native tribe of African origin, the logo prominently features the same. The logo has a silhouette of a Bantu individual. The particular features such as prognathism and broad forehead clearly indicate the to be a native of African. The business name along with the icon completes the logo and also justifies it well.


2. Karen Lunnon Photography



Karen Lunnon Photography surely offers quality services for their clients. However, instead of having a strictly professional attitude, they ensure the people experience each moment while making these memories. To salute this spirit the logo of this business has been designed with an icon of a shutter with 2 hearts, one inside and one inscribing it all, conveying, ‘capturing love, with love’.


3. Nicola Harvey Photography



Not every photography business needs to start from scratch. Nicola Harvey Photography is not a new name among its target audience. The logo for this business has been created solely with the name of the business, making it a wordmark logo. The touch of a twinkle in the ‘i’, resembles the flash of a camera, it literally calls out for a ‘smile please!’.


4. Phil Crosby Photography



This business deals with wildlife photography. So, it only feels justified that the logo comprises of the image of a wild bird. The logo is monocolored in blue, which depicts loyalty, wisdom, strength and is subtle to the eyes. The shades of blue also resemble the tides of the sea and layers of the sky, the places connected to the wildlife.


5. THC Photography



The business of THC Photography deals with architectural photography. Thereby, the logo comprises the icons of tall building and sky scrappers along with the business name with a frame. It conveys the nature of the business along with establishing a strong brand name.


Are you excited to revamp the logo of your photography business? Then get in touch with us and define your business with your logo.


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5 awesome logo designs of coffee shops in the UK

Posted April 20th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


“Life is like coffee, it is meant to be enjoyed one cup at a time”


The tiring work of an entire day ,surely demands several cups of coffee to get going. After a long night’s sleep, in the mornings as well, people often zombie walk until they reach the kitchen and take the first sip of the coffee. Needless to say, several cafeterias are blooming in every corner of the cities. These cafeteria businesses in UK need an attractive logo design to promote their respective business.



Here we present 5 Logos represents coffee cafe business.


1. 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge



The logo for the 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge is made with 3 cups stacked together. Each of these cups is painted in pink and each has 3 dots on it. Altogether it justifies the use of three twice. In the business name. The pink color, even though it is not usually clubbed with coffee, it represents the emotions of compassion, care and understanding, every comfort coffee conveys, justifies its usage.


2. Ashworth Barracks



Ashworth Barracks is a business that offers coffee and other confectionaries. The logo is made using the name of the business along with the outline of a coffee cup. The word cafe complements the steaming of the hot coffee has been reshaped to look like ‘@’ thereby, it evokes the target audience to take action, i.e. to have coffee at Ashworth Barracks.


3. Boa Vista



The logo of Boa Vista- Coffee and Bistro, has been designed rather cleverly. It is a superimposition of a circle over a 4 point star. The circle consists of a coffee mug, with the icons of a Boa turtle and coffee beans. The orange color, which is very prominent conveys enthusiasm, creativity, warmth, happiness, determination, etc, in a nutshell, the emotions people feel while sipping a cup of coffee.


4. Cafe Mustachio



The logo for cafe Mustachio is a very simple, yet appropriate for the business. The logo comprises of the icon of a coffee cup along with an outline of a mustache on it. It resembles the moustache cup, used by men with long mustache to help them keep dry while enjoying tea and coffee.


5. Dolce Latte



The logo for Dolce Latte is a rather stylish one. The coffee art is a very trendy thing these days, apart from adding taste, it enhances its aesthetics as well. Overall, it takes the coffee to a new level altogether. The business name has been used along with a coffee art, which encircles it.


Looking ahead towards your own cafeteria as well? Get your own personalised logo and spread the words with ease.



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5 Common Logo Design Mistakes That Ruin Its Purpose

Posted April 13th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


The logo of a business serves as its face, it is important that it looks good. In this digital media-obsessed world, every element of a professional logo design must fit together to deliver the most effective interpretation of the business in UK.


However, many a time, small mistakes can cripple the overall potential of a logo design.

Here, we will discuss 5 common mistakes that can ruin the logo design.


1. Using an Unprofessional Software

Logo design might start and process in mind and pen and paper during the initial stages, but it is ultimately delivered as logo file formats to the client. Using an amateur and unprofessional software might save several Euros, but would have catastrophic results in the end. An unprofessional software not only offers poor quality designs, but also limits the features required for designing.


2. Using fads and Trends as the Skeleton of Branding

Using glitters and bold typography becomes trendy from time to time, but their 15 minutes of fame disappears as the next trend gets its turn. Thus, relying on such short-lived style and typography in the heat of the moment is a huge mistake that is seen among several logo designs.


3. Using Unsuitable Graphics File Format

There are two major types of logo file formats, Vector and Raster. Each has its own features and uniqueness. Some are ideal for printing, others are highly scalable, while some suits well for website icons. As a business needs to have its logo featured in a variety of domains, sorting out the type of logo file format is highly crucial.

Ideally, a decent logo designing firm delivers the final logo in every file format, enabling the client to have every possible option open for their future needs.


4. Using Too Many Fonts

‘The more, the merrier’, is something that does not hold true when it comes to the typography and font. Not only it looks unprofessional and difficult to recognize, but often it redirects the target audience from the nature of business altogether. Ideally, any logo should use 2 different fonts.


5. Using a Renowned Logo

Benchmarking a renowned logo often ends up turning upside down as many logos actually make an exceptionally similar logo. This fails to serve the main purpose of a logo, creating a sole business identity in the first place. Thereby, often the target audience either mistaken it for the original brand or count this one as a counterfeit brand.


At, GB Logo Design, we deliver each professional logo after analyzing its potential and competitors. We also provide the final file in every format for further convenience. We value every client and ensure every client is satisfied with their brand logo.


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Is cheap logo design really worth your business reputation and potential?

Posted April 6th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


“Why pay a fortune, when you can get it for a quarter of its price?”


This kind of mushy, cushy one-liners has often attracted the attention of business and entrepreneurs looking for a logo design for their individual needs. In case, you are searching for logo designing firms in UK, you must have found at least a couple of them already, particularly if you are looking for it online.


This often brings a big dilemma whether you should get a logo design that costs more or less of a donut or get the one that costs as much as a meal in a decent restaurant? Before you swipe the credit card of your, carefully calibrate the options available for you.


As every business, organization and even an idea or initiative are incomplete without a customized logo, the scope of a good logo is limited. In the past couple of decades, the logo designing industry is experiencing a constant growth and prosperity. Thereby, many amateur designers and designing firms hiring such designer are mushrooming everyday.


For obvious reasons, often it happens that they are incompetent when due to limited experience in business and competitive analysis. Thus, to attract more customers and to compensate for their versatility, they offer logo at an unrealistic cheap price. At first, they look like an extremely good investment, particularly from a financial point of view. However, they are often poor quality logo designs.


Moreover, it is not uncommon to find that the many of the logo designs are simply an amalgamation of the business name along with a relevant icon, downloaded from the photo stock domains. It remains incompetent as it fails to define a sole business entirely. These kinds of logos might be a temporary solution for startups with a very limited budget, while they still are walking on thin ice.


However, it is always recommended to get a customized logo from a decent designer to reinforce the brand value.


Always remember, the brand name of your business is not something you should gamble over. A good investment in proper logo design will ensure that it yields a significant return on investment in the future. So, before falling for the low price offers, always remember the golden words said by Benjamin Franklin,
“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten”

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Enjoy Lucrative Easter Offer For Logos and Stationery Designs For Your Business In UK

Posted March 23rd, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Easter is a rather special time of the year. It falls on the first Sunday, following Good Friday after the Paschal full moon, that onsets on or after the Spring Equinox. The exact date of Easter is on roll every year, even when the dates for Christmas and Halloween stays predictable. The date of Easter can range anywhere between March and April 25. The easter being a significant event of religious belief is celebrated among people with a great enthusiasm.


People often spend about 200 Pounds each, during this festive time, solely on the Easter Franchise.


In this cutthroat market, having a competitive edge is crucial to have impression among the target audience. Thereby, having a creative marketing during this time can significantly help the business to earn high revenue, by increasing its visibility and eventually its sales.


Getting an Easter-themed logo is an extremely effective way of attracting the attention of the target audience. Having an easter themed logo is beneficial for both startups and established businesses. For the prior type, it compensates for the shorted budget allocation for easter campaign and for the later it creates a competitive edge over the counterfeit brands.


We, from the house of GB Logo design, present an Easter-themed logo of Cadbury. During easter chocolate itself gets sold in the figures of millions. As Cadbury has its place in the realm of chocolate, it is only justified to revamp its logo.



The Easter-themed logo of Cadbury has its originality intact. However, a pair of bunny ears and teeth along with a few easter eggs is highlighting its tribute to this Easter season. Moreover, a bunny cannot stay hanged onto the thin air, so the bushes around complete the look. In a nutshell, it is a perfect logo for the season. You can get your logo dressed in Easter spirit as well.


To inspire you for the same, we at GB Logo Design present lucrative offers exclusively for easter. You can not only get your logo revamped, but also get fresh logo designing packages for your business along with other corporate identities. We are offering flat 50 percent discount on Logo design packages and other lucrative offers of other corporate identity designs such as stationery, business card, flyer, brochure etc.


Easter marks the resurrection of the Jesus after his crucifixion. So, make this season of Easter your gateway to resurrect your business in UK from the darkness of generic logo and incompetent corporate identities and mold it to achieve greatness.

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4 Amazing Logo Design Options For Security Service Provider in UK

Posted March 9th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

A logo is undoubtedly the most impressionist icon of any brand these days. However, the process of making the ideal logo for a brand has become a lot more challenging these days as the pressure of competitors is increasing at a very fast pace simultaneously. Thereby, it makes every quality brand in UK to own a customized logo.


We, at GB logo design, deliver customized logo only after evaluating its need and creating them with huge precision. To help them evaluate and utilize it better, we offer multiple options for a package.


Hereby, we present 4 of our logo design options for Aztec Security Solution, business in UK. As the name clearly indicates, the business deals with providing security solutions, it only fits right that we used the red color for the same. The color red attracts attention more than any other color. Moreover, it encourages the consumer to take action in the realm of business.


The first logo option is a simple logo with a ‘mind-boggling’ maze-like structure inscribed within a triangular outline. The logo delivers the message of providing top-notch security by crafting a flawless security system. It ensures any potential perpetrator will face grave challenges upon an attempt to deprive the safety and privacy of the users.

The second logo option inscribes a lock underneath the letter ‘A’. The logo clearly can infiltrates the mind of the customers, regarding the nature of the business. It is an exceptionally well-crafted design that will help the brand establish its unique identity among the race of competitors.

The third logo option has a triangular element painted in black. It inscribes an arrow-like structure shooting upwards with 2 corresponding lines in between. It demonstrates how the business creates levels of security to ensure their client’s privacy and safety stays uncompromised, even upon any event of an intrusion.

The fourth logo option is a rather interesting one, which has been designed to resemble a pyramid. This particular logo is timeless as it uses an iconic representation of secrecy and security, the pyramid itself.

As per our client’s demand, we have designed logo lockup using a meaningful icon and the name of the business. This logotype ensure that the nature of the business is conveyed most effectively along with the name of the business. Moreover, the usage of the triangular element for the logo design is persistent as it represents strength, stability, efficiency, and organization.


Inspired by our work and want to make your own brand as well? Explore our packages and portfolio and get started.


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