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Scope of logo redesign for businesses in UK this new year

Posted January 5th, 2018 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


Let it is any personal goals or business agenda, a new year gives you a fresh opportunity to achieve better results than the year before. While launching a new product/service or adding a new horizon to your business may sound very tempting, it is often not convenient for every business. So, what simple step can help you to enhance your brand value overall? Simple! Get your logo, revised. Most businesses in the UK have experienced that custom logo redesigning has actually helped them gain more recognition than before.


Time is changing, and so is the market, you must be able to keep up with the pace to be in it. A logo is the face of a business and thus it is imperative that it adds value to it, primarily by gaining recognition. A newly surfaced business, such as startups hardly needs to revamp their logo within 4 to 5 business years. Nevertheless, even they might go for the same in order to go with the flow of trend or in case, they are planning an entire restructuring of their business plan.


An existing business might often need to undergo revisions of its logo from time to time, as per the current trend or the vision of the business. Many well-known companies have done the same as well. For example, let it be Windows, or Volks Wagon, or Starbucks, you can see a series of transformation it had incurred until now and it looks like it is going to keep repeating the pattern in the future as well.


If it is so helpful, the question arises, why doesn’t every company does the same to their respective logos then?


Our business has been in existence for several years/decades, what if our existing customers can’t recognize/adapt our new logo?”


This is one common sentiment that stops several businesses from upgrade their existing logo. They fear they might lose recognition and eventually their audience due to this upgrading of the logo, but the statistics speak just the opposite. These businesses fail to understand that revamping the logo simply modifies it without removing the essence of the original logo. In a nutshell, this smart choice will help you uplift your overall presence of your business.


You might consider trying out your own graphic designing skills based on video tutorials upon the stone aged vector/raster file of your existing brand logo. But it is less likely to add any value to your brand. Thus, it is always advised to go for custom logo designing services in UK, who are specialized in understanding the objective of your business and well capable of delivering it to the point of your satisfaction. So, make this new year your excuse to upgrade your logo.


After all Oprah Winfrey, did say “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”


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3 Factors that make custom logo designs in UK overshadow free software

Posted December 29th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Logo Design UK

A logo is an extremely crucial element of your company and needless to say, it requires adequate attention as well. Creating an ageless logo that will complement the business is not an easy job as it requires ample amount of research and revision. Most of the successful businesses in the UK use logos designed by a professional logo designer.

However, several small businesses use free softwares available online in order to make their own logo or revise the existing one. Today, we will discuss the scope of free logo designing software and if it is any good.


Most of the business that uses free logo software are startups or very small businesses with limited resources. They find it very tempting to go for software that offers to design for free instead of spending pounds on it.


Hereby, we present some of the major disadvantages that revolve around free logo software along with the point how a professionally made logo overcomes it.

1. Poor quality design

A logo generated from a free software is mostly available as a clipart and highly unsuitable for a brand who wishes to have an impression of the market.
A professionally designed logos, on the other hand, are always of an HD quality, which can be used and fabricated in a number of corporate identity entities as well.


2. No uniqueness or authenticity

If you compare a free software logo to a professionally crafted logo designed by a reputed firm in the UK, you will spot the difference immediately. A software-generated logo simply allows the user to select from preloaded, generic icons relevant to a selected, refined industry. Thus, more than one company can have similar logos consisting of one or more exactly same icon, which can give rise to copyright issue in the future.
A custom-made logos are original and unique, which can be processed for copyright straightaway.


3. NOT free, after all

This is correct for most of the software! Even they advertise it being free in bold capitals while downloading the vector format after completion of the logo design, it asks for payment.


In a nutshell, since we live in the era of internet, getting a free logo is possible after all (even if it takes numerous attempts beforehand). However, it won’t yield much as it ideally should be. Getting a professionally designed logo has its own set of advantages.

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6 Splendid Usage of Illustration in Logo design for UK Businesses

Posted November 24th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

The world today is moving fast, the old trends are moving out and new technologies are emerging every day. Getting illustration logo designs in UK is one of them. The illustration is the visual, graphical representation of an idea or concept by the graphic designer. Though getting a logo done with existing stock image is utilized by many, the possibilities are endless with illustration technique.

Let’s go through 6 splendid examples of illustration logos.


1. Blue Bear Bakery

Blue Bear Bakery


As the name of the business clearly indicates its purpose, the logo justifies the same as well. The profile of a blue bear is carved on top of a tart base, suggesting the role of the bakery in the business.


2. The Birch Brothers

The Birch Brothers


The business deals with musical instruments mainly, the guitars. The logo is clearly showing silhouettes of two men holding a guitar in front of the two birch trees. Thereby, justifying the business name in a nutshell.


3. Bird Pro

Bird Pro


Looking for a fine breed of birds? The business of Bird Pro is just the thing that is needed. The logo itself shows an extremely intelligent bird wearing waistcoat and hat while holding a spyglass in its left wingtip. The illustration is doing what no other ready made design could have been able to do.


4. Broadwood Travel

Broadwood Travel


Crazy for traveling? Broadwood travel is the business to seek out for the same. The business thrives to make the traveling experience, a memorable one. The logo illustrates a person riding in a chariot which is being driven by a unicorn. The illustration clearly blends the element of royalty and magical experience enjoyed by the tourists and provided by the business.


5. Craft Chest

Craft Chest


As the name itself suggest, the business of Craft Chest consists of art and craft supplies and that too of a huge range of varieties and thus, it requires a chest to keep them safe.


6. Bean Bag Planet

Bean Bag Planet


Despite the luxury of couches and lazy lounge, the comfort of the bean bag holds a special love and that is the point of the business of Bean Bag Planet. The logo has been cleverly done in illustrations, with the outline of a bean bag over the company name.

With illustration logo design, any business in UK can yield a good return on investment by innovative branding and marketing. A capable logo designer in UK can shape the logo as per the specific need of the business.

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The Psychology of Color for Custom Logo Designs

Posted November 17th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Colors are the first way of differentiating things, that we learn as kids. With age, the fascination does fade, but instead we learn to classify colors as per the emotions it evokes within us. This intuition helps a lot to convey the business mantra to its target audience. Several businesses in UK are opting for custom logo designs to attract their customers.

Let’s understand the message that the most prevalent colors express with a suitable example




We all are familiar with the saying, ‘when in doubt, wear red’, thus, it is only fair to start the countdown with the vibrant red color. Red enhances the energy level of individuals by elevating their pulses. It also conveys warmth, excitement, and urgency among people. Red has been used by many-renowned businesses, as well.



The color of the bright sun, not only looks good on the sunny sky but also on company logos. It evokes the feeling of clarity, optimism, and richness of color of gold. It stands alone even on a busy street covered with advertising panels.



The color purple not only depicts royalty but also sparks the ignition of wisdom, imagination exploration in the minds of the people. It practically calls out the saying that ‘everything is possible’. It is perfect particularly for a new business or a business with unique features.



The color green evokes a love and importance of nature in our lives. It depicts health, growth, peace, and prosperity. Several environmental organization uses the color green to depict its correlation with nature.



The blue color mainly reminds us all of the mighty ocean and clear sky. It depicts the strength, professionalism, reliability, and tranquility. Many businesses in the domain of internet and electronics use the color blue in their logo.

Black and white and its shades

Black and white and its shades

Black is the absence of colors and white is the combination of all. But their combination of Black & White logos has been adopted by several well-known a brand, in all over the world. It is basic, simple and yet elegant. Mostly, it depicts the role of proper balance in our lives. The shades of grey and ash color also depict similar meanings.

Though many businesses use multicolored logo these days as well, having a monocolored logo has its own set of significance. So, pick the color that blends perfectly with your brand and get a custom logo designed in UK for your company.

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5 Proven Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Professional Brand Logo

Posted September 15th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Being an entrepreneur is a matter of choice. But having a successful business is not. It requires immense dedication and strategic planning. However, there are few keys that help you to unlock the magical doors & increase your success-ratio. A professional logo is one such key that helps to build your brand and business. It is an excellent return on investment that promotes your business indefinitely & inexpensively.

But do you really need a professional brand logo? Well, here’s 5 inevitable reasons why your brand is craving for a creative & unique brand logo!


1. Logo creates the first impression

Logo creates the first impression

‘The first impression is the last impression’ might not work for people or books, it certainly does for business. If your business fails to make a good first impression, chances are high that the client will choose your competitors over you. A good logo speaks for the brand by explaining your business in depth and convincing the clients that they’ve come to the right place. Its grab the eyes of your customers and make them seek for further correspondence.


2. Logo can help to expand your business

Logo can help to expand your business

At any point of time, you might consider expanding the business, geographically or product mix wise. In such a case, you can make a variation of the current logo accordingly and launch it in a new perspective.


3. Logo helps to get new customers

Logo helps to get new customers

Apart from retaining customers, your company also needs new customers from time to time. A logo can act as the bridge that connects you to the new customers and also to a new market.


4. Logo illustrates the business for you

Logo illustrates the business for you

A wisely crafted logo can actually speak for itself. Your unique feature and your potential can be displayed through a conceptual logo. Apart from highlighting your business, it will also segregate your company from others dealing in the same domain. After all, ‘A picture says a thousand words’ remember?


5. A logo helps to build recognition

A logo helps to build recognition

The pool of companies in the industry is increasing every day. You need to stand alone in this huge competition. A cleverly created logo lasts longer in the mind of the customers rather than the features explained later on.

In order to serve all the aforementioned purposes, a logo must be created perfectly. A conceptual logo doesn’t require professional viewpoint and explanation; it speaks for itself. Hence, you should opt for a logo that defines your vision and purpose in the market.

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