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Rebrand Your Business With An Attractive Lettermark Logo!

Posted April 8th, 2021 in Logo Design [blog] by Rebecca Darcy

Lettermark Logo Designs are every entrepreneur’s first choice when it comes to selecting the right logo type. For the ones who are unaware of this logo type, lettermark logo designs are logo designs that contain the brand’s initials. Here are a few examples of lettermark logo designs for your perusal.

• HP


Well, almost everyone loves using lettermark logo designs as these logos are simple, unique, and sophisticated. Whether you own a bakery or an electronic goods shop, a unique lettermark logo created by the best logo design firm in the UK is the right choice for your brand. Here are some top benefits of lettermark logo designs.


Simple and elegant

A good logo design is simple and elegant. Simple because people remember simple logos way better than intricate logo designs. Moreover, simple logo designs look more elegant than complex or illustrative designs.



Lettermark logo designs are versatile as they can be used in any medium you so desire without any problem. As they are simple and do not require much space, they can be incorporated into almost all platforms, such as signboards, websites, business stationery items, and so on.



One better word to describe lettermark logo designs is indeed “classiness”. These logo designs are way too classy for almost any kind of brand. If you are looking for a logo design that oozes professionalism then look no further than lettermark logo designs. Classiness and lettermark logos are co-related in the truest sense.



Lettermark logo designs are timeless as you do not have to update them after every five or ten years. A good lettermark logo design can stay relevant for years and years to come. 



If there’s one thing you need to know about lettermark logo designs, it is their sheer relevance. Since a lettermark logo uses your brand’s initials, it is more relevant than other forms of logo designs.


At GB Logo Design, you can get professional and custom lettermark logo designs  if you reside in the UK. We provide amazing quality logo designs at highly economical rates. Contact GB Logo Design’s team in the UK to get a brand new logo for your business. You should also check this page – Logo Design Packages in the UK to know more about our prices. 

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How GB Logo Design Can Help In Branding Your Business

Posted May 25th, 2020 in Logo Design [blog] by Rebecca Darcy

Branding is necessary for your business to thrive. With the right branding, your business will excel in this cut-throat competition. 


At GB Logo Design UK, we take branding seriously and provide top-notch services to our clients in UK. Here is an insight into what we offer at our enterprise. 

Logo Designing Services

Logo Designing Services


A logo is the brand’s visual personality. We create logo designs with the right colours, fonts, symbols, and images. We will ensure that you get an ideal logo design after conceptualization. The best part is we offer unlimited edits and marvellous concepts to our esteemed clients. Check out our logo design packages if you need a professional and custom logo design for your business.

Graphic Designing Services

Graphic Designing Services


At GB Logo Design, we render the best graphic designing services to people in the UK. We have an incredible team of dedicated graphic designers who with their expertise delivers the best graphic designs to the clients. 

Stationery Designing Services

Stationery Designing Services


Corporate stationeries are getting popular day by day. GB Logo Design cares about your business needs and preferences, so we offer affordable stationery design services to business owners. 

Website Designing Services

Website Designing Services


A business cannot flourish without a proper website. Our website developers create and optimize the website to make it more user-friendly and responsive. You can rely upon us for providing you with a professional and trendy website . If you already have a website which requires a revamp, then trust our expertise!


GB Logo Design believes in the principles of customer service culture. We are a team of hardworking and talented individuals who provide nothing but the best branding services to the customers in UK. Whether your business is a startup or medium-scale, GB Logo Design knows the drill!

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Why You Should Get Your Brand Logo Made From GB Logo Design UK

Posted March 11th, 2020 in Logo Design [blog] by Rebecca Darcy

Brand logos are also synonymous to the term, brand ambassadors. A logo is the first and foremost thing anyone notices about the brand so compromising on its quality is a big NO. Getting a professional logo design is the best thing you can ever do for your company. While there are online logo making tools available to the masses which offer quick and easy custom logo within minutes, it can still not be considered an ideal method because the logo design you get might not be professional. Also, the designs can be subjective to copyright issues that can lead to a lawsuit which no business owner can ever desire.


To be on the safer side, it is always a smart idea to leave things on professionals. If you’re in the need of a logo for your brand then consider GB Logo Design UK to be your best friend! We offer top-quality logos with alluring concepts and unlimited edits at reasonable rates! Here are some reasons why you should get your brand’s logo design from us.

Professional and Expert Graphic Designer


If you place an order with GB Logo Design UK, you do not have to worry about professionalism and expertise because we have the gift of both. We have professional and well-experienced graphic designers in our firm who prioritize the client’s demands before designing the logo.

Option of Intriguing Concepts with Unlimited Edits

Option of Intriguing Concepts with Unlimited Edits-GB Logo Dresign UK


When it comes to imagination and creativity, the sky is the limit. Our firm values innovative ideas so we provide the same to our clients in the form of concepts and unlimited edits. At GB Logo Design, you’ll get different logo design packages as per the given number of concepts- 2, 4, and 6. In case you do not like either of the concepts provided by us, we’ll discuss with you in detail and present two fresh concepts for your approval.

Top-notch final logo design


After making use of the client’s inputs, fascinating concepts, and unlimited edits, we finally provide the iconic logo for your brand.

Delivery within 2 working days


We believe in efficiency and efficacy so we deliver the final logo within 2 working days once we get our inputs on the concepts.

Full Ownership of the logo


The ownership of the logo is directly transferred to the client so that he or she can seek a legal copyright protection.

Online Booking


Nowadays, everything has become online and so we offer online booking and payment options to all our clients in the UK.

Moderate Rates

We at GB Logo Design charge moderate rates for our services which make us one of the best logo design firms in the UK.


Apart from logo Designing, we also offer stationery design services. Get a custom brand logo only from GB Logo Design UK.

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Our professional design team love to establish, develop and personalize every company we work with. We want to make sure your business makes a difference, that's why you can be sure of an exceptional, quality service every time. Our custom logo & corporate branding will help you become noticed and established with unique, bespoke made designs that will carry your image forward. We’re a friendly bunch, and we work with all kinds of businesses.

Expert Graphic Designers

All of our design team are experienced and experts with their job. We have a wide team of designers which helps us deliver varying concepts of designs and each one being unique from the other. We like to work closely with all of our clients and maintain a high standard of customer service. So if you feel that you're confident enough to work with us please get in touch. Definition of logo design 

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We understand that your brand and your ideas are personal to you, so it makes sense to seek a professional designer that can create your brand design ideas the way you want it to look. We manage this day in and day out with our vast range of clients. We see good communication as being vitally important and essential to produce amazing bespoke custom logos and corporate identity on time every time. Get your custom logo under-way today!

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