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Scope Of Easter Customization For Every Business Out There

Posted April 19th, 2019 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Easter is around the corner and needless to say, every business is buckling their shoes to make the best out of this upcoming festive season. We, too, are ready with our lucrative Easter offers for every Business out there. Our offers include Easter customization of the logo design, banner design, and posts for social media platforms. These few simple tricks will help your business uplift its visibility in the upcoming season.

Though there is no such thing as ‘one key fits every lock’, here we are offering certain tips to have great easter customization.

1. Product And Packaging Customization

The best way of grabbing the attention of your target audience is through offering a unique product. Customizing the product as per the theme of Easter is certainly a great of ensuring more sales.

Even though product customization is much more effective, not every business can do the same, as it requires a significant budget and advanced planning. Thus, considering package customization is a brilliant strategy as well.

Needless to say, it requires some detailed planning and some attractive designs to create a first, impactful impression.

2. Website Customization

As physical stores often adopt aggressive Easter marketing campaigns, it limits the possibility of the e-commerce business. However, nowadays, it is possible to groom the online store as well. All it takes, is some good quality graphic banners, customized logo design on the Easter theme and proficient web developer to blend these elements. In fact, creating a separate landing page for the Easter season is highly beneficial.

To make things more engaging, having an Easter egg hunt competition is a wise choice. The anticipation for a prize often does the trick to gather more leads.

3. Social Media Customization

Social media are becoming the primary point of contact these days. No matter what type of industry, every business, small, medium or large, have their own profiles on the leading social media platforms. During the time of Easter, it is crucial for every business to let their presence known. And what better way could there be, other than easter themed graphic posts. The easter-customized social graphics ideally comprises of an Easter greeting post, a seasonally themed timeline cover and Easter themed profile pic.

A professional graphic designer can deliver the same effectively and the best feature is you can use the same graphics each year, without incurring any additional expense.

For more information regarding our Easter offer, visit us.

So, Get, Set, Go And Make This Easter, All Yours!

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Key elements of a great logo

Posted October 13th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Every company has its own logo, some make it unique and distinctive while some tries to make theirs resembling some more reputed business. While several companies keep trying out new logo after time to time, the brands of companies like Nike, Apple, Samsung etc have its distinctive touch onto their respective logos. Do you want to design an immemorable logo for your own business as well? Stay tuned to find out how!

Today, we present some of the key elements for business logo designing

1. Keep it simple

The logo should be simple enough for you to illustrate without complicated software. Go for a simple design with none to a little topography. Fancy designs of font can not complicate things, but also makes the logo irrelevant to the business.


Business Logo Design 1



2. Get a decent color combination

Every color expresses a unique meaning, but simplicity applies for colors as well. A well-crafted logo with right color combination will express the business and its value. Though color is a crucial factor of a successful business logo design, getting one with sparkling effect or a rainbow will desecrate the essence of the logo. So chose carefully.


Business Logo Design 2


3. Symmetry and geometry

Several reputed brands have logos with patterns and geometric shapes. These cleanly shaved logos are not only easy to create, and procreate but also makes the long lasting impression on the minds of the people.


Business Logo Design 3


4. Timeless

Expense regularly for getting a new, modified logo is a matter of choice, but having a great element in the business logo designing, is actually a time trend, it lasts for decades. For instance, the mermaid with twin tails has been in the logo of Starbucks for decades, with a few modification around.


Business Logo Design 4


5. Versatile

A logo does not stay on the company wall and papers itself. It is printed on the stationary, brochures, flyers, billboards and much more. Go with the one, that would look appropriate with all the items of the business and not just one.


Business Logo Design 5


6. Memorable

Get a business logo designing for your business that is memorable. Not just by you but also in the mind of people. So, for a simple, elegant, and impressionist logo which you will find in the minds of your clients and customers, not in the company flash drive.


Business Logo Design 6


Thus, watch out for the above factor before finalizing the logo for your business.

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