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5 More Eye-Catching Photography Based Logo Designs


We all at least have that one friend owning a DSLR and taking snapshots of everything around them. Indeed, photography is becoming a very shared passion among the youths these days. However, the most amazing shots are captured by professional photographers itself, who tirelessly wait for the right moment to take that shot that stand alone from the rest. Needless to say, it is only fair to have a professional logo design for these professional photographers.


Let’s have a stroll through 6 more photography logo made by the house of GB logo Design.


1. D Avino Photography



Unlike several photography logos, this one does not have a camera blended in its logo. Why? Cause this business is not a new name to its clients. Its quality of shots speaks for itself. The letermark logo was created using the initials D, A and P stacked in a rather creative way. Clearly a logo worth remembering.


2. Ed The Frog Photography



This free-spirited photography business is all set to capture the beautiful moments and inspire people to live it. The logo is designed to keep this spirit up. The enthusiast frog photographer is peaking through the O of the wordmark logo of the business. The addition of the camera hanging by a thread to the frog completes the picture.


3. Mini Memoirs Photography



The logo for this photography business is a simple wordmark tye. But the stacking of words makes it special. Th word ‘MINI’ has been pilled lengthwise in a much smaller font and the O has been designed to resemble it like the shutter of the camera lens. Overall a logo wisely created.


4. Mugshot Photography



Now, we all have seen mugshot photography in movies and series, but don’t let it refrain you from availing this excellent photography service. The logo of this photography business was designed by keeping its name in mind. The pink silhouette of the camera is carved to accommodate a human figure in its center. I justified logo for a classy brand.


5. Neil Nevil Photography



We created some of our best-delivered logo design options for this wildlife photographer. We created these using beautiful majestic wild animals. Our client liked them all, but the one that finally made it to the brand recognition is the one with the mighty owl flying through the night sky.


On this world photography day, we inspire every aspiring photographer to get a professional logo to enhance their enthusiasm and boost their career.


Logo Design [blog]

5 Online Halloween Marketing Ideas for your business

Halloween is a rather special duration of the year in UK, when everyone pretends to be someone or something else. Some of the business experience tough time holding onto their businesses, as the competition goes pretty high. But the ones that adapt to these changes, make extra profit during this time of the year. In case you are inspired by the Halloween marketing of famous brands, and wondering your small or medium scale business won’t stand up to it, don’t sell yourself short. Instead, rely on the logo designers in the UK.

Halloween gives your business a perk, which, if you grab, will give you immense benefits in terms of both sales and recognition. So, here we present on 5 Online Halloween Marketing Ideas for your business.


1. Design a customized, professional logo


Logo Design 1


Your business logo must be kept intact enough to be recognizable by the people and staffs. However, there is a lot of scope of adding a hint of Halloween in the same. It can be anything like a bunch of bats, a giant pumpkin, spiderweb, graveward or more.

2. Design other business identities as well


Logo Design 2


Though a professional logo in the UK is what mostly features in most of the business identities, getting customized other corporate identities is a good idea. These include any and all materials that bears the such as business cards, flyers, letterheads etc.

3. Get a Halloween customized online presence

Logo Design 3

Most of the successful business has an online presence as well. These include owning a domain space on the internet along with a persistence presence on social media as well. Updating the facebook, twitter, Instagram profile with a customized Halloween cover would attract the attention of the users. It could either static or animated depending on your taste and budget for the same.

4. Send Halloween newsletter


Logo Design 4


To attract more and more audience, you can try to offer certain special deals and discounts as well. And what better way could there be, rather than a newsletter to offer the newest deals, coupon codes etc? And while doing that, won’t it be better to show off the Halloween spirit along with it.

5. Host Halloween contest online


Logo Design 5


Though hosting an offline contest is common too, not many people will actually travel just in order to participate in an event. Instead, an online event will be preferred and participated by most people. Moreover, people click and post pictures etc on social media anyways. With this, you can distribute gifts and coupons to the participants performing the best on the Halloween, along side promoting your brand.

Though you can do a lot more in the Halloween as well, the impact of digital presence should be taken care at first as most businesses are searched on internet primarily.