Top 15 UK Business Logo by GB Logo Design in 2017

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Another year has passed and this period of 365 days had given an ample opportunity for every business in the UK to grow in terms of a new horizon, product mix and more. As the logo represents a crucial role in the overall branding of the business, it is obvious that the ones with a perfect logo design have extracted more opportunities than the others.


Let it be comprised of the elements of shadow, broken letters, fades, rising colors, wrapped and overlay text and icon. It is important that every business in the UK gets a custom logo.


Here we present 15 of our best logo designs that we had made for a variety of businesses in the year 2017.


1. Bow-Ho

Logo Design UK

The element of the bow, constructed by 2 overheating arrows make the logo perfectly intact and memorable.

2. Apple MedTax

Logo Design UK

The icon of Apple makes the logo stand-alone form the rest of its competitor’s logo and makes a long-lasting impression.

3. A problem shared Psychological Services

Logo Design UK

The business deals with helping people with Psychological disorders. And since the first step of seeking treatment begins with sharing problem, exchanging views and thoughts are extremely crucial. In a nutshell, the logo serves its purpose by conveying the agenda of the business.

4. Zenergy

Logo Design UK

The logo depicts the icon of a person meditating. The color blue is used extensively as it represents intelligence, faith, truth, loyalty, wisdom, trust, and confidence. Overall, it is beneficial for both mind and body, conveying the nature of the business.

5. Elmhouse Childcare Nursery

Logo Design UK

The logo has been well crafted for the child day care business. The blue silhouette of the home encircling the growing tree represents the care provided by the personals while nurturing the toddlers.

6. Lucky Star

Logo Design UK

There are lots of real estate agencies and investors in the market. But not all of them can help you strike a deal, good enough for you to be lucky. This stand-alone business certainly needed this perfectly designed logo to convey the message.

7. JEM Fruits

Logo Design UK

This fruit exporter needed a simple and subtle logo to make its target audience aware of the nature of its business. This logo is surely easy to remember and hard to miss.

8. Taylor Made Physiques

Logo Design UK

The business deals with providing physical fitness as per the custom need of every individual. The logo depicts the nature of the business perfectly well.

9. Residential Group

Logo Design UK

The logo represents an outline of a rooftop along with a silhouette of a man in green, a color to represent growth and prosperity. A cleverly designed logo to match the business offering residential services to the common people.

10. IBDA solutions

Logo Design UK

Not every logo needs a Hercules, lifting the globe in order to imprint an impression. The logo of IBDA solution is a simple textual logo in fading colors, yet it is perfect for engaging its target audience.

11. Hobbs Cleaning Services

Logo Design UK

The logo for this cleaning business was highly appreciated as it comprised of every single element of the services that it offered. The initials of the brand clubbed with the icon of a mop is hard to compete with.

12. Select Sports

Logo Design UK

The logo of Select Sports has icons of a range of balls associated with various sports, matching the spirit of the business that lets you test your skills in a wide range of sports.

13. Picnic Club

Logo Design UK

A weekend picnic is a heavenly gateway from the never-ending, tiring weekdays. So, we designed the logo with icons of a basket and features, adding a hint of relaxation and recreation with friends and family.

14. HML Law Ltd.

Logo Design UK

The HML law firm stands for the cause of its every client and thus their logo comprises of the global icon, deciphering that the business stands to provide legal solutions of every domain.

15. AJE

Logo Design UK

This logo was well researched and designed for this event styling, entertainment, and production business. The golden color adds the hint of sophistication and richness, that the business delivers to its clients.


In a nutshell, the year 2017 was filled with several opportunities and challenges for our designing firm, we had successfully delivered some of the best-designed logos for our clients in the market. Want to get a catchy logo for your business in the UK as well? Get on-board with us and uplift your business recognition like never before.



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