What Does Ownership Of The Logo Design Mean?

Posted on January 2nd, 2014 by admin
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When you finalise a logo with us, along with the final files, you also gain the ownership rights of the logo(s) you have chosen. But what Ownership does this actually mean? Aside from the obvious that we cannot re-use elements of the logo design for another client’s logo, but it also means that you can do with your logo whatever you like – including making amendments to it, altering the colours and using it as you see fit. In short, ownership of the logo design means that you can:
  • Make copies of the logo
  • Design & distribute materials with the logo on
  • Make “derivative” works from the logo (for example, changing elements as you see fit)
  • Sell on your logo to someone else
  • Even destroy all copies of your logo

Can I Copyright My Logo?

A common question that arises as to whom owns the copyright of the logo – we endeavour to create unique work for you and when we transfer ownership to you, we also transfer any rights associate with the logo (apart from a few rights such as to display your logo on our portfolio & sites). However, to cover yourself fully from anyone using your logo (or a similar one), it is recommended that you register your logo with a copyrighting service although this isn’t a requirement. We don’t offer that service because we are not legal experts and there are services such as the Copyright Service (copyrightservice.co.uk) which will register your logo for a fee. Also, bare in mind that that not all logos can be copyrighted – particular if the logo is primarily text based using a non-distinctive font or uses a commonly appearing icon such as a globe (imagine all the logos you see with a globe in and you get the picture- you may be able to copyright the logo in its entirety which includes all the words, text style and the icon).


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