Halloween Discounts Uplifted GB Logo Design Sales By Almost 30 Percent

Posted on October 26th, 2018 by admin
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The time of Halloween is almost here! We, from the house of GB Logo design, have added spirit to the same. We launched a special offer of flat 50% off. This huge discount, lucrative offer made many individuals think, whether it is a treat or tricks. It is not every day that a customized logo design costs only £30 and that too with 2 options.


Our exclusive discount offer was a huge hit and we are happy to announce that we have got enormous orders. Our sales almost uplifted 30% percent, which was pretty good in number. Today we will discuss a few noteworthy cases in brief.


Several of our clients have worked with us in the past, while many were suggested by their friends and acquaintances. And needless to say, a whole lot was attracted to us due to this lucrative offer.


Our clientèle was diversified for this offer as well, but we would like to mention 2 of such enthusiast client who particularly liked our work.


Mr. Johnathan Watson, a businessman dealing with photography studio was a special client. He launched his business about a month ago and needed almost every graphical solution. He placed the order for his business logo, along with a business card, and a few other corporate identities. This Halloween offer enabled him to have his logo designed at flat 50% discount, and other corporate identities designed for a discounted price as well. It was well received by Mr. Watson and his associates.


Miss Sarah Parker, a young bakery owner, placed her order for a Halloween themed logo revamp. We designed her logo with several elements of the Halloween as the scope of Halloween customized logo is huge. She was so impressed by our work, she got her social media covers redesigned as well. This inspired her to launch a few special dishes for the Halloween that looks scary on plates and tasty on palates. She sent her special thanks afterward as she too gained huge orders for the season.


Apart from these enthusiast clients, we received a positive response for our works from others. This encourages us to keep up the good work.


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Did you miss this amazing chance? Don’t be disheartened as we, from the house of GB Logo Design, will bring many other exciting offers for the Christmas. So, stay tuned for more offers!



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