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Posted on December 19th, 2013 by admin
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Whatever your logo design tastes, type will play a major part of the logo design process. Working with type has so much more to it than merely selecting which font to use and a myriad of design elements come into play once you put type to a design.
The font chosen speaks volumes of the intention of the design. Does the font convey readability and clarity or is the font more fanciful and whimsical? Does it match the brand image you’re trying to portray? Although there are literally thousands of different fonts available and most graphic designers have hundreds to choose from, they have to marry the correct font to the correct logo as this may create the wrong impression.
Bold, Italic or Underlined?
Does emboldening certain words or even all the text create the desired effect? Placing such emphasis on a certain word (or words) can help convey a specific message as well as create a nice visual effect in the customer.
Size plays just as much a part of the design as the actual font does. Does increasing the size of the text have the desired impact or when does it start to detract from the design? Increasing the size of the text in relation to the other elements will give the text more importance whereas decreasing the font size will give the other elements more visual impact. Perhaps even look at seeing if some parts of the font look better in slightly bigger than the rest (particularly if you are looking to emphasise that word or words).
The placement of the text can play a crucial role as well. For example placing the text on the same line as an emblem gives both the same importance, whereas placing the text below the emblem slightly elevates the emblem in terms of importance. Also consider playing with the placement of each individual word in relation to the others. Will it convey the right message?
Letter spacing
Playing with the letter spacing of the words can create interesting effects such as making the text appear to be spaced out or compact and short (which can convey meanings of their own – particularly if the font is compacted into itself which implies brevity for example).
The colour of the text also helps convey a meaning and it is entirely possible to colour letters, or words in differently to create visual effects. Just bear in mind the meanings of the colour when using them!
Text can be placed any number of angles to achieve specific effects in a logo design and can even run backwards if necessary to create interesting visual effects.

The Experts

As you can see above, there are literally thousands of options to go from when you consider all the different options discussed above and creating good looking logos is more about conveying the right message by apply specific effects in to a specific logo design – something to which the logo designer should have a natural insight into and a learned knowledge of, drawn from previous experience and their own design journey.


Alex Woods wrote:

Wow, this is quite and informative article. I found it very intriguing and helpful. Do your logo designers have a favourite font and style?

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