cheap logo design

Cheap Logo Design

Is cheap logo design any good? This is the question i asked myself, after being asked it countless times on forums i contribute to.
As Britain moves deeper into the recession, more and more people are looking to save a few extra pounds here and there. This has led to the uprise of the cheap logo design sellers! But like most things in life you really do get what you pay for. Let me explain why a cheap logo design will ruin your business. For this post i am going to use my own experiences as i set out to find the truth like moulder and scully in the x files series.

First things first i googled for the term “cheap logo design” and i came accross a gumtree Adwords advert, for a designer on gumtree so i clicked it, this seller was offering a professional logo design with unlimited edits in 24 hours, with master files and copyright certificate for £15 so to test them out i paid the £15 over paypal.

(I sent them a brief of a made up gaming logo that i wanted, i also described the colours, fonts and shapes fully)


Bad logo design

Well here is the end result of project which looks nothing like what i requested! The colours are crazy, it’s so unprofessional i thought it was a joke, i actually started to laugh out loud like you do, also it took 4 days to get these files sent, he watermarked them and theres no way i could use these files for anything even if i wanted to at this stage.
cheap logo design

I’m not joking, here was the second revision where he just changed the shapes and colours out of his own free will.
3 days had passed at this stage. I email him and he emails back talking about off topic news in india and then out of the blue i get an email with no subject or text jus a bunch of low res watermarked jpg files .. Unbelievable

budget logo design
Literally after the third attempt after laughing myself silly i said thanks, please send me the master files.
The seller wanted me to pay £30 for the master files of the third concept below LOL, what was my reply? I politely said it’s okay keep the files and my money i enjoyed the learning curve, i hope your business if you can call it that goes well.

budget logo design

Imagine if i needed this cheap logo design

  1. By now i had wasted 3 weeks of my spare time, but imagine if this was vitally important for me!
  2. I was robbed blindly, after handing over my £15 he wanted another £35 for the final files
  3. I can’t use any of the files this poor seller sent me, i refuse to call him a designer by the way
  4. I have no copyright ertificate stating that i own the logo
  5. If i liked the logo i would have to pay another designer to recreate it so i could have it in the formats i need for print etc
  6. The seller never answered my phone calls and emailed me whenever he wanted to days later. inconvenient
  7. If this was the logo my brand went with then we would get laughed at by visitors to our website as the logo provided screams please don’t trust or buy from me! LOL


I knew this would happen as for the price of £15 you can’t offer unlimited revisions as each revision costs human time as robots can’t make bespoke logos YET. Out of £15 paypal eat 4% of that roughly, and the remainder of that is used up in time. So if the designer took 1 hour to make my logo which he probably spent 3 minutes on, then he will have made £14 something for an hours work. However it took 3 weeks, although he didnt work solidly for three weeks he may have spent some time on it. For a UK designer it doesn’t add up and you should be aware of all these factors. Imagine if i wanted 75 revisions, would he have made them? Not a chance lol

The moral of the story is you get what you pay for…

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