Halloween is on its way to give the thrills and chills of the season. While several companies suffer from losses, many of the smart businesses actually earn extra cash. How? Simple, through rebranding their business for the Halloween and by offering limited edition product or services with seasonal packaging. And what business is complete without a professional logo.


Several logo designing companies in the UK are offering clever redesigning of a logo for Halloween and other festive themes as well. Here we present 10 most amazing transformation of a logo, particularly for Halloween, from the logo designing company in the UK.



1. Coca-cola

The logo remains same with the addition of a spider and a bunch of bats

Halloween Logo 1


2. Mars

The black oval background is simply changed into a bat. Simple and sober and sufficient

Halloween Logo 2


3. Starbucks

The two-tailed mermaid is looking rather scary, with guts coming out of the abdomen. A spooky feeling for the spooking festive time

Halloween Logo 3


4. Nike

The swoosh of Nike is elonged enough to make room for a witch to have a ride around the world, just like on her broom.

Halloween Logo 4


5. Lays

An extremely simple transformation that involves adding a spider with its web.

Halloween Logo 5


6. Fanta

The orange background has been transformed into a pumpkin, the most iconic sign of the Halloween.

Halloween Logo 6


7. LG

Life’s good until it is Halloween and then it is over. So, LG transforms its logo into spooky and scary by shutting the eye closed and tongue out.

Halloween Logo 7


8. Playboy

The bunny icon is well known by everyone around, right! Thus the Halloween special logo has a rather scary, mutilating bunny as its icon.

Halloween Logo 8


9. Pingles

The well-known face of pingles has been replaced with that of a pumpkin head, representing the spirit of the Halloween festival.

Halloween Logo 9


10. Barbie

Changing Barbie into something scary is definitely challenging. But not when the Logo designing companies in the UK are all dedicated towards the same. The Halloween logo for Barbie is rather scried while projecting the zombie apocalypse.



Some of these changes have been implemented, while some others are the idea of the same. Either way, each of these logos is special and invoke the spirit of Halloween among people. Also, in each of the logo, the main iconic symbol and character remain unchanged, simply adapting to the Halloween theme. After all, this is the point of rebranding. So, get set go to make your logo special for Halloween as well.

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