The world today is moving fast, the old trends are moving out and new technologies are emerging every day. Getting illustration logo designs in UK is one of them. The illustration is the visual, graphical representation of an idea or concept by the graphic designer. Though getting a logo done with existing stock image is utilized by many, the possibilities are endless with illustration technique.

Let’s go through 6 splendid examples of illustration logos.


1. Blue Bear Bakery

Blue Bear Bakery


As the name of the business clearly indicates its purpose, the logo justifies the same as well. The profile of a blue bear is carved on top of a tart base, suggesting the role of the bakery in the business.


2. The Birch Brothers

The Birch Brothers


The business deals with musical instruments mainly, the guitars. The logo is clearly showing silhouettes of two men holding a guitar in front of the two birch trees. Thereby, justifying the business name in a nutshell.


3. Bird Pro

Bird Pro


Looking for a fine breed of birds? The business of Bird Pro is just the thing that is needed. The logo itself shows an extremely intelligent bird wearing waistcoat and hat while holding a spyglass in its left wingtip. The illustration is doing what no other ready made design could have been able to do.


4. Broadwood Travel

Broadwood Travel


Crazy for traveling? Broadwood travel is the business to seek out for the same. The business thrives to make the traveling experience, a memorable one. The logo illustrates a person riding in a chariot which is being driven by a unicorn. The illustration clearly blends the element of royalty and magical experience enjoyed by the tourists and provided by the business.


5. Craft Chest

Craft Chest


As the name itself suggest, the business of Craft Chest consists of art and craft supplies and that too of a huge range of varieties and thus, it requires a chest to keep them safe.


6. Bean Bag Planet

Bean Bag Planet


Despite the luxury of couches and lazy lounge, the comfort of the bean bag holds a special love and that is the point of the business of Bean Bag Planet. The logo has been cleverly done in illustrations, with the outline of a bean bag over the company name.

With illustration logo design, any business in UK can yield a good return on investment by innovative branding and marketing. A capable logo designer in UK can shape the logo as per the specific need of the business.