Flexibility comes from having multiple choices; wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives

– Robert Dilts


As Robert Dilts has rightly said often having choices is the ultimate luxury you can get. We, at the house of GB Logo Design, offer multiple option package for any custom logo design. Today, let’s go through the logo options we designed for a rather special business- Neil Neville Photography.


We have previously designed several custom photography logo designs from time to time, but this one was kind of a special project. Our client Neil is an enthusiast, wildlife photographer and needed a logo for his business. It was crucial for us to deliver the perfect logo that speaks for itself. We came up with 6 logo options that we offered to our client.


We used three animals- white-tailed deer, snowy owl, and kingfisher bird, each having 2 different poses as each logo option. To enhance the effect the all the logos were painted in white against the black background.




A simple, close up the outline of the head of a white-tailed deer. It conveys that sometimes you are lucky enough get a close shot of these beautiful creatures.




The silhouette of the deer against a white moon background depicts that there is no particular time to get a perfect shot.




A logo resembling a shot taken from below of a mighty own flying.




From the exact opposite perspective of the previous option.




A sketch of a Kingfisher while seating on a branch, ready for a flight




A sketch of the same majestic bird in flight.


All the logos were made as logo lockup with an image of a splendid wildlife creature along with the entire business name. In a nutshell, the logo options were designed to make it a stand-alone the crowd of other photography business.


Our client was happy with the options we had offered. After changing his mind many times, finally, he settled for the top view of owl logo option.


At the house of GB Logo Design, we offer logo design with 2, 4 and 6 options packages with unlimited revisions to each one. So, get on-board with us to explore wide possibilities.