Diversification is one of the best strategies to expand the horizon of any business. The chain of restaurants and MNC achieve this by expanding their location. While several food and beverage industries often implement product and service diversification, to attain the same. Either way, their original logo design has significant contributions towards the same. Today, we will study the logo design adaptation of one such brand that adapted both these techniques.


The Walt Disney is a leading brand in the realm of mass media and entertainment but also owns the franchise of several characters and theme parks. Let’s take a look at the logo designs it uses for every domain.


Walt Disney decided to go with a simple wordmark type logo for its pioneer business the ‘Walt Disney Company’.



Walt Disney Animation Studio did the same. However, it also added the Mickey Mouse on top of it. Due to its trademark license, the Mickey Mouse is an intellectual property of the brand too. Eventually, all the other Walt Disney characters were registered as well.



Walt Disney Pictures is one of the most renowned logo design. The addition of the Disney castle makes it the perfect logo for a magical world. Later on, it was modified into an animated logo with a lot of fireworks.



Each of the Disneyland theme parks has a similar logo, with its name inserted along with the original ‘Disneyland’ logo. All of the theme parks, being the franchise of Walt Disney World, enjoy the perks of portraying the Walt Disney characters.



Disney Channel used the original Disney wordmark logo design along with the addition of the outline of Mickey Mouse Ears. It was mostly inspired by the pioneer of animated shows featured by the Disney Company, such as Mickey mouse clubhouse.


Disney XD, an upgraded Tv channel too used the original Disney with large icons of XD. This HD channel adapted the new trend, but kept the essence intact.



As it can be seen perfectly, the This original font of Disney has been used again and again in several other Disney segment brands. Needless to say, it is yet another perfect example of an ageless logo that shines throughout the time. You too can get a customized logo design that will carry your brand name. After all, the empire of Walt Disney started with a small studio too.