The Halloween is knocking on the door. During this time of the year, everyone loves to dress up as someone/something to play mischievous. So, we, from the house of GB Logo Design decided to take a detour and dress 10 well-known brands as per the Halloween theme. So, let’s get started-


1. Snapchat


Well, obviously snapchat has a ghost as its mascot. But if you look, this ghost looks too friendly for the Halloween. We decided to simply put up a special guest for the special season. This one clearly will earn a title in the costume party, isn’t it!


2. Twitter


The chippering of this blue themed bird brings entertainment to us. But for this Halloween, we are dressing it as the legendary creature, Bat. It is certain to bring chills to the spine.


3. Wipeout


This well-known TV series makes people laugh out loud with its goofiness and recreational twists. But this Halloween upgrade looks too scary to even consider partaking. Are you up for the challenge?


4. Rolex


This brand logo is too well-known for offering luxury watches. The usual one represents a crown to cast the impression of royalty, but we modified it to resemble skeleton wrist. After all, the dead might still long for these luxury watches, you know!


5. Discovery


This well-known tv channel makes people explore the unexplored from their place of comfort itself. But for this Halloween season, it seems only right to replace the earth with the Halloween iconic pumpkin. Get on board to explore the season!


6. Disney


This animated logo itself brings a smile to the face, isn’t it! The Disney castle literally takes us to another world, full of wonders and beauties. To honor the season, we replaced it with a haunted castle, with bats hovering over it.


7. Instagram


Instagram is the best way to keep an eye on the happening all around the world. But did you ever wonder that a pair of the eye might be secretly watching you ‘all the time’? Feel the chill down your spine? Kudos, as its a Mission, accomplished for us.


8. Firefox


The iconic fox hugging the world is the brand logo of Firefox. It is one of the most wisely created logos of all times. Now that its the season of Halloween, we have given a pumpkin to the fox, for a change.


9. Adidas


Until the recent upgrade, the tri-liner logo rocked this very well know the brand. We modified it with 3 scratches that make everything ‘bleed it out’.


10. Colgate


Our day starts and ends with this very special oral hygiene product. For this Halloween season, we made a room for a vampire in its logo as they might fancy it too, to keep their fangs clean and healthy for bloodsucking.


Bonus- GB Logo Design


Well, we are not a world-famous brand, yet. But we revamped our own logo for the season as well. We placed a cute ghost as the ‘ghost of honour’ and spread some candies all around to evoke the feeling of ‘treat or trick’ and added 2 bats to completes the scenario.


Which one did you like the most? Make sure to let us know.


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Disclaimer- We have simply recreated these logo designs for recreational purpose and claim no authority over it.