For every parent out there, the name ‘Johnson and Johnson’ needs no separate introduction. Their product line and area served has changed drastically over the past 132 years, but do you know what didn’t! Their commitment to providing the best products and their emblem that speaks it all. Johnson and Johnson have the record for being one of the longest-running logo design on the global scale. Needless to say, their logo design is a well-known entity in all around the world. But only a few know that it was originally the signature of its founder. Interesting right! Let’s stroll through its journey to know more.


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When this particular company was founded, not many businesses were committed to a greater cause, other than simply earning a profit. The motto of Johnson and Johnson was to save and improvised lives. One of the co-founders James Wood Johnson took it upon himself to prove his commitment and literally put his signature, to conjugate his family name with the business. This happened in the year 1886 and in the year 1887, it was taken as the official logo of the business.


If you analyze it from the logo designing point of view, this is a wordmark logo that is painted in red, upon a white background. The typography is simply the handwriting of the very same James Wood Johnson. In the earliest times, Johnson and Johnson used to deal with first-aid and surgical care kits and soon explored into baby care products. They have used this logo in their products and also, in the carriages that used to deliver their products. Later on, they started to print them on their products, on a commercial scale.


They maintained the trend even when they spread their horizons to the other nations. During the year, 1988, when China welcomed its very first portal for Johnson and Johnson, they simply adapted the logo in the regional translation.


The year 2016 was a crucial period, by when the world literally demanded ‘innovation and change’ from literally everything. Johnson and Johnson found a brilliant way to make it happen while keeping its essence intact. They simply utilized the animation effect in their original logo. Their official website features this animated logo that literally appears as if it is being signed (in real time). The perfect revamp idea of this perfect logo with such deep roots.


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