Some well-known brands revamped for Christmas season

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” ―Winston Churchill


Most businesses try to change things up during the festive season, especially Christmas. The easiest and attractive way for the businesses to flourish is that, you can customize your logo design using a Christmas theme in a way that will still help people recognize your brand and company. Changing the website and social profile theme according to the festive season will be profitable for the business. Once you gain the attention of the audience, almost 60% of the work is done.


Here we have listed some of the excellent logos redesigned for the Christmas season.


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So let us begin!


• Adidas – The Adidas logo is an obvious example of a customized logo design for Christmas. Since the symbol exactly looks like leaves, hence the Christmas wreath and berries fit perfectly. Also, the red ribbon gives the vibe of Christmas decorations forming the “M” shape.


Adidas - Brands Revamped For Christmas Season


• Instagram – Instagram is an app that’s popular for its beautiful filters that can spice up even the dullest holiday snaps. The pinch of snow and the Santa hat placed in the right corner of the logo adds the sense of Christmas essence.

Instagram - Brands Revamped For Christmas Season


• Coca Cola – Coca Cola isn’t just a brand. It has changed the world for marketers. The image of Santa Claus drinking the soft drink has been used as an essential part of its brand.


Coca Cola - Brands Revamped For Christmas Season


• Netflix – A movie marathon is what many do during Christmas on their favorite streaming services, and Netflix is one of them. Adding the gloves imprinted with the snowflakes and the Santa shaped hands gives the sense that winter is here.


Netflix - Brands Revamped For Christmas Season


• Burger King – Spotting the holiday packages is amazing. The printed reindeer in the cup and the formation of a pine tree in the paper bag using the different utensils are perfect for Christmas branding.

Burger King - Brands Revamped For Christmas Season




• GB Logo Design – Well, we are not a famous brand yet but have also revamped our logo for Christmas. We have shaped the snow in the form of a pine tree and placed some gifts under the tree. To finish up the look we added Santa hats.


GB Logo Design - Brands Revamped For Christmas Season


A festive logo design should be fun and you can showcase them on websites, gift cards or other business stationeries. Build customer loyalty by expressing your brand value through festive seasons.


Your business logo can look amazing too if you know from where to get it right. If you want to revamp your logo or get a fresh logo design, visit our website. You can get one for your business designed by our professional logo designer in the UK at a discounted price for this Christmas.


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