A logo design is an excellent way to protect your business or organisation’s ideals to the masses. Through a logo, people get an insight into what to expect when they do business with you or take services from you.


Everything has to change one day with time, including your beloved old logo design. Why? Well, because the business world is purely dynamic and what works today might not work tomorrow. Sometimes, redesigning of a logo remains the only option. Thankfully, you can get your logo redesigned from GB Logo Design, one of the best logo design providers in the UK.


Here’s when you should consider redesigning or revamping your corporate identity aka business logo design.


When it becomes way too old

It is a very obvious reason to update your logo when it becomes too old. That does not mean you should change your logo every year. But if you are using the same logo for thirty years then consider a logo revamp.


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When it does not complement with your brand’s personality

An ideal logo design is supposed to add glory to your brand’s image. If your brand’s ideals and the design of your logo are poles apart then you should definitely update your logo to suit your corporate personality.


When you have new products

If your business is selling new products and old products is no longer a part of your entity then getting a logo design that matches with your current offerings is something worth considering. This is not a new thing, many brands have redesigned their logo due to change in their products line.

When it has no context or concept

Everything has a purpose whereas your logo design has multiple. If your logo does not have a concept or a context for that matter then it is better for you and your business to change it. Having a concept in your logo makes it worth-appealing to the beholders so consider getting a conceptual logo from the best logo design firm in the UK.


When your target audience is no longer the same

After all, reaching your target audience is your main motto of doing business or else you will not get enough sales. Your logo says a lot about your target customers as well. For instance, if your existing logo was created from the viewpoint of being inviting to young girls but now your business is catering to all age-groups of women then you, my friend, need a logo update.


When you have new competitors

If your competitors have changed and the new ones are more advanced than you then you have no option but to rebrand your business to defeat your competitors. To rebrand any business, the first step is to change the existing logo design.

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