Leveraging social network sites such as Facebook & Twitter are important activities for most business wanting to promote themselves to prospective clients.

However, getting the most from them can be tricky and if done incorrectly, may do more harm than good.


Set up a business page on Facebook and be sure to post special offers to all those who ‘Like’ your post.

By the same token, make sure you have links on your website which allows customers to Like your content – thereby expanding your customer base.

Ask customers to share pictures of them using your products (if applicable) – this will generate additional leads and spread your word


Use Twitter to regularly post tweets from your customers – perhaps even post short success stories from customers who have recently bought from you.

Send out short tips on how to best use your products or services or perhaps post about unusual ways to use your products

Twitter pictures of your latest products or prototypes to build hype prior to release


Create a few promotional videos for your website – perhaps offering product reviews of your best sellers as well as including links to buy those products & services. This isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Post a contest with a free prize give away – asking the YouTube community to post video “responses” on how they use your product/service

Ask your customers to post video testimonials of your product/service


Create a profile and add links to your website, services and products and keep up to date

Join groups and regularly post questions and comments to those groups – this will build your online awareness

Ask your customers, suppliers and partners to provide a recommendation for you on LinkedIn.

Search for the Answer section and post answers. This will eventually lead you to getting an Expert title in your chosen area. This speaks volumes about you.


Create Circles in your profile that are specifically for vendors, customers and others interested in your brand, allowing you to send out timely but targeting messages.

Post interesting blog posts and information to your circles and encourage comments and questions.

Start a semi-regular Hangout where you invite customers to come and ask questions about your service. Answer them earnestly and help build awareness of your brand & services.