Picking a logo that your customers will love and feel comfortable with is always going to be difficult, with your customers having different tastes and preferring different styles, so your logo design will have to please the most amount of people (and not just you).

So, following a few basic rules will help you get back on track and that will also ensure you have a final product that your customer will love too and come to do business with you over your competitors.

The Steps

The first step you need to consider is what your brand or company trying to convey – are you known for first rate customer service, or are you offering premium services?

You need your logo to convey what you can are actually offering the customer that is unique to you and your business as well as trying to convey what you actually do. For example, if your sell nuts and bolts, but your logo has a toolbox in it, then your customers may think you sell tools instead of fastening devices.

The second step would be, always be open to ideas. If you’re having trouble creating a logo that attempts to get across your brand or are drawing a blank with your own ideas, then don’t stress! This is very simple to overcome, don’t feel like you have to keep everything to yourself as sometimes other people see things differently to you and will often give you great ideas.

And the final step would be, don’t go over the top with the logo. Sometimes when you’re creating a logo over a long period of time you begin to overdo things – perhaps at the risk of losing focus on what you are trying to convey in your logo.

If you feel like at some point the logo looks good and would appeal to your customers, take a break for a while and come back a few days later. This will give you some perspective and some fresh eyes allowing you to see the potential flaws in the design.

Logos Have Personality

All logos have a personality that they bring to the table, sometimes it is a cheeky little logo that conveys that the company wants to portray that they are friendly and approachable. Other times, they are professional and corporate which would appeal to those in the similar mind set.

For example, the Asda logo is green writing. Whilst simplistic and minimal, it speaks volumes about the company behind it. Their choice of green, for example, symbolises safety and friendliness, something that is emphasised in the uniforms of their staff. The font is clean and simple, which matches the perception of their stores.

Matching up the personality of the logo with the company that matches it is very important –sometimes more so than choosing an appealing logo design.

An experienced logo designer, such as those at GB Logo Design, we can match the design and personality of the logo to your own brand to help you convey the information and message across to your customer in the first few seconds of them seeing your logo.