Many new business owners starting on the path to getting a website built want everything on their website – including the latest and greatest features they see on other websites.

Before jetting off to get a quote, you need to think a little about what you are actually asking for.

Before you even consider asking for those “must have” features, consider the following:

  • Will it help you convert visitors to sales?
  • Am I only doing because everyone else has it?
  • Does my direct competitors have similar features and does it benefit them?
  • Do you go to their website just for that feature or features?

If you can answer “NO” to any of those questions, then you seriously need to consider the return on investment you are looking to get from the feature.

An Example

For an example, will having an online booking feature really mean you can convert your visitors to actionable sales?

Will you make enough sales through the system to justify the development time and the cost of the feature? Including such a feature in your quote can often inflate the price quoted by web design agencies (unless they have built a system previously and can re-use that system with some modifications).

You will have to also look at how they affect your business in other ways. For example, taking the booking feature above, you will need to remember to update the appointments you take in person and add them to the system , will you remember each and every time – and you need to consider which ones takes precedent in such a case. Will you honour the in person booking and attempt to reschedule the website booking?

You will also need to consider the time spent updating the system and checking the system as well and how will it integrate with what you are currently doing.

If you can clearly justify a feature for your website and the corresponding price, then you’ve certainly made a good business case for the feature and can justify the expense so by all means. You will also be better prepared when you start to flesh out what you want from the new feature – which will in turn help whomever you get the do the work generate an accurate quote.