Expecting a website designer to create a great website design first time is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

This is because they have to consider several things:

  • The brand identity of the client they are working for? Are they low end or high end customers?
  • Do they have existing branding that the website has to fit into?
  • Who will be the final customers of their client? What are their expectations?
  • Is the client selling Business to Business or Business to Customer?
  • Does the client have an existing website and do they have to carry over the content to the new site? How will this brought over and in what form?
  • What are the functional elements of the design? Are they wanting a login page or ecommerce functionality?
  • What is the competition doing to win sales? Is what they are doing working for them and if so, why?

All these things play a role in the eventual website design and can have many effects in the final design.

There are also design conventions to consider, such as having the main navigation at the top, below the header, placing contact details in the footer (and maybe also in the header).

Good web designers take the time to consider all these questions and come up with a design that takes into account all these factors and many more. They work hard to provide you with designs that work not only for your but your customers as well.

A few things to consider when you get a website concept:

  • Does the website use a lot of images? Will it take lots of time to download and render the website?
  • Is the message or goal of the website clear from the outset? Can you see the purpose of the website is and what the purpose of the company behind it?
  • If the purpose of the website is to get sales, is there anything on there that detracts from that?
  • Does the design look pleasing to the eye and clean?
  • Is all the information you need on the website on the concept such as company information, company number and postal address required by UK law?
  • Is there enough text on the site so that it is possible for search engine “spiders” can index your website?
  • Does the website concept appear to have all the items it will need to appear credible to the customer, including client testimonials, partners and the like?
  • Is the text easy to read and clear and big enough?
  • Are the links clearly defined? Is it apparent what can be click on and what can’t?
  • Is the information presented easily understood by the demographics?

Only when you know the answers to these questions will you be able to see the pitfalls of any potential design. And remember you are not designing the website for YOU, your designing it for your CUSTOMERS.