When a client comes to us, we will go through the design brief with them and ask them about their needs and requirements for the website. When it comes to building them, we typically build on WordPress.

Why build a custom theme?

Building a custom theme for our clients allows us the maximum freedom to create whatever the client requires, as well as match any branding the client currently has (or to match any branding we create for them).

We can start from a blank slate and build the website and theme with maximum flexibility in mind – we build them such that just about anything can be changed except for the main structure of the theme.

Custom themes are also completely bespoke to the client and they won’t see another theme exactly like it and it will feature all the functionality that they require, built right into the theme itself.

Custom themes also come with full support from our developers – they are the ones that put it together so they will be on hand to answer any questions or make any necessary changes.

Themes can also be transported to other web properties and adapted as necessary, allowing you to launch any number of microsites which will match your core brand, simply set up a new WordPress site and install your custom theme and then make any amendments and you’re done.

Other Benefits

Custom themes also means that you’re really invested in your business and your idea and willing to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to marketing and a good design suggests that you are creditable and trustworthy. Templates simply can’t offer that.

Custom designs are also built with you mind so they are as unique as you are and as unique as your business.

Custom templates are also customised to perform well in search engine pages out of the box, whereas templates are simply constructed to scratch the itch of the designer or to be sold as a commodity of its own.