Colors represent a lot about any company’s logo. However, there is a trend these days, particularly among professional logo designers in UK. They are using black and white logos instead of shades and colors.


Let’s understand in details, how this simplest color combination leaves the most long-lasting impression in the minds.


The color ‘black’ represents authority, power, and strength. Its resemblance to suit, briefcase and sunglasses make it ideal for representing business and professionalism. The color ‘white’ represents purity, clarity, and peace. It also represents a fresh start, and positivity. Together, these two colors, not only convey a strong, positive image for the brand but also goes perfectly hand in hand.


Apart from making things look more professional, the black and white logo also appears more lively on the other business identity such as business cards, flyers, stationaries etc. Not sure, if the black and white combo logo is for your business? To rule out any doubt, we present a list of black and white logos for you to check out before making up your mind.


Three’s Coffee Lounge

As the name suggests, the logo represents three dices, each having three dots to represent the business. In any blend of color, it would have looked insufficient, but in the shades of black and white, it looks, simply perfect.


Logo Design


Cafe Mustachio

The logo represents a simple coffee cup, with a mustache designed on it. It’s Simple, smart and yet sublime.


Logo Design


Cleaner Life Cleaning

As the name clearly indicates, the business deals with the cleaning of properties. The logo of the business illustrates a girl holding a duster, clearly indicating the same.


Logo Design


Cupid’s Arrow

Sometimes, love needs a bit of help of Cupid and that is where the role of this business comes into play. The logo represents the interlocked icons for both male and female, indicating the importance of each in the other’s life.


Logo Design


Dance Fanatics

For some dance is a pastime, for some it is a profession, but Dance Fanatics is the place for those, for whom dance is a passion. The simple message is conveyed through a sober representation of a dancing girl upon the initials of the business.


Logo Design


Edward’s Films

The logo represents the silhouette of a camera in black and white, depicting the importance of camera in the realm of movie making. If watched closely, an ‘E’ can also be seen on the silhouette of it.


Logo Design


Now that you are awestruck with the beauty and simplicity of the black and white logos, let the Professional Logo Designers of UK deliver the ideal logo for your business.