Logos are the lifeline of any company. There are many types of custom logos that can be made as per the need for the particular business. Among these vast choices, often it becomes a great challenge to select the ideal one for your company. Today, we bring you all the types of custom logo designs that are prevalent in the digital market.

So, let’s explore the types of the logo along with an example and scope of each.

1. Textual logos

Textual logos by GB Logo Design UK

The textual logo is made by using the name of the business as the logo itself. It is often done by blending them with attractive colors and fonts. Going for the textual logo is a good idea, in case your brand is new and you want to uplift its presence in the market. Having a distinct name is an advantage as it would easily stick to the customer’s mind.

2. Lettermark logos

Lettermark logos by GB Logo Design UK

The lettermark logos are simply a subset of the previous category of logos and are the easiest to make. In case of lettermarking, only the initials of your business are highlighted in the logo and is an ideal option in case the abbreviation is somewhat lengthy or complicated.

3. Pictorial/ iconic logos

Pictorial-iconic logos by GB Logo Design UK

‘A picture says a thousand words’  that is why the pictorial logos are making their unique place in the market. It is more suitable option for you, if your business is a successful one and the picture/icon is alone sufficient for recognition.

4. Mascot logos

Mascot logos by GB Logo Design UK

Including a mascot, let it be a person, an animal, or even a twin-tailed mermaid, is a trick to create a long lasting impression upon the mind of your target audience. The mascot logos must be designed by a well-trained professional who can create engaging features of your business.

5. Graphical logos

Graphical logos by GB Logo Design UK

Graphical logos are made exclusively on graphics software. The popularity of graphical logos is in high demand these days. You can go for a graphical logo, in case your business has high competition in the market and counterfeit companies might use your logo’s look-alike for their benefits, by redirecting your audience towards them.

6. Illustrative logos

Illustrative logos by GB Logo Design UK

The illustration is the simple pictorial representation of the business created by the graphic designer. It is for your business if you are dealing with something unique and can’t settle with what is available in the database of logos and designs. You can get a professional designer with an eye for the details of such custom logo designs in the UK.

In a nutshell, these aforementioned types of custom logo designs are broadly available in the realm of logo designing. Now that you are familiar with each and every one of them, get in touch with an experienced logo designer in UK and uplift the prersence of your business in the market.