Logo Design UK

A logo is an extremely crucial element of your company and needless to say, it requires adequate attention as well. Creating an ageless logo that will complement the business is not an easy job as it requires ample amount of research and revision. Most of the successful businesses in the UK use logos designed by a professional logo designer.

However, several small businesses use free softwares available online in order to make their own logo or revise the existing one. Today, we will discuss the scope of free logo designing software and if it is any good.


Most of the business that uses free logo software are startups or very small businesses with limited resources. They find it very tempting to go for software that offers to design for free instead of spending pounds on it.


Hereby, we present some of the major disadvantages that revolve around free logo software along with the point how a professionally made logo overcomes it.

1. Poor quality design

A logo generated from a free software is mostly available as a clipart and highly unsuitable for a brand who wishes to have an impression of the market.
A professionally designed logos, on the other hand, are always of an HD quality, which can be used and fabricated in a number of corporate identity entities as well.


2. No uniqueness or authenticity

If you compare a free software logo to a professionally crafted logo designed by a reputed firm in the UK, you will spot the difference immediately. A software-generated logo simply allows the user to select from preloaded, generic icons relevant to a selected, refined industry. Thus, more than one company can have similar logos consisting of one or more exactly same icon, which can give rise to copyright issue in the future.
A custom-made logos are original and unique, which can be processed for copyright straightaway.


3. NOT free, after all

This is correct for most of the software! Even they advertise it being free in bold capitals while downloading the vector format after completion of the logo design, it asks for payment.


In a nutshell, since we live in the era of internet, getting a free logo is possible after all (even if it takes numerous attempts beforehand). However, it won’t yield much as it ideally should be. Getting a professionally designed logo has its own set of advantages.