Let it is any personal goals or business agenda, a new year gives you a fresh opportunity to achieve better results than the year before. While launching a new product/service or adding a new horizon to your business may sound very tempting, it is often not convenient for every business. So, what simple step can help you to enhance your brand value overall? Simple! Get your logo, revised. Most businesses in the UK have experienced that custom logo redesigning has actually helped them gain more recognition than before.


Time is changing, and so is the market, you must be able to keep up with the pace to be in it. A logo is the face of a business and thus it is imperative that it adds value to it, primarily by gaining recognition. A newly surfaced business, such as startups hardly needs to revamp their logo within 4 to 5 business years. Nevertheless, even they might go for the same in order to go with the flow of trend or in case, they are planning an entire restructuring of their business plan.


An existing business might often need to undergo revisions of its logo from time to time, as per the current trend or the vision of the business. Many well-known companies have done the same as well. For example, let it be Windows, or Volks Wagon, or Starbucks, you can see a series of transformation it had incurred until now and it looks like it is going to keep repeating the pattern in the future as well.


If it is so helpful, the question arises, why doesn’t every company does the same to their respective logos then?


Our business has been in existence for several years/decades, what if our existing customers can’t recognize/adapt our new logo?”


This is one common sentiment that stops several businesses from upgrade their existing logo. They fear they might lose recognition and eventually their audience due to this upgrading of the logo, but the statistics speak just the opposite. These businesses fail to understand that revamping the logo simply modifies it without removing the essence of the original logo. In a nutshell, this smart choice will help you uplift your overall presence of your business.


You might consider trying out your own graphic designing skills based on video tutorials upon the stone aged vector/raster file of your existing brand logo. But it is less likely to add any value to your brand. Thus, it is always advised to go for custom logo designing services in UK, who are specialized in understanding the objective of your business and well capable of delivering it to the point of your satisfaction. So, make this new year your excuse to upgrade your logo.


After all Oprah Winfrey, did say “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”