You must have heard that getting a customized mascot for your business, adds a unique identity to your brand. But what is a mascot actually? Upon hearing the word McDonald’s, it is impossible to miss the icon of Colonel Sanders, isn’t it? That is the mascot of McDonald’s.


The mascots are any special characters attached only to one specific business. Just like a fingerprint, it defines one business solely. It cannot be used by any other business, without facing severe legal hindrance. Several businesses in UK these days are getting customized logo design with the mascot in order to increase engagements and to mark their unique impression in the market.


Here we present 6 superb mascot logos designed by GB Logo Design-

1. Cheeky monkeys


The mascot for the logo of Cheeky Monkey is undoubtedly a Monkey. And to justify the name of the business, the monkey is posing in a very cheeky gesture as well. Being a business being amusing and appealing is clearly getting delivered through this well-designed logo.


2. Bunny in hole


Some like cats, some like cobras, but everyone likes bunnies for sure. Bunny in Hole is a business for everyone. The message is spread by the cute little bunny, the mascot of the business, quite effectively. Moreover, the peeking of the bunny out of the hole keeps an element of surprise intact.


3. Griffin Motorsports


Who said only living creatures are fit for being mascots? The legendary mythical creatures work as well. The Griffin motorsports uses the Griffin as its mascot. The business represents its commitment to deliver powerful and majestic motorsports and also assures of heavenly experience to its customers.


4. Busy Bee


Everyone is a busy bee these days. However, the business of Busy Bee thrives to be the best virtual assistant for your personal and professional need. However, the assistance must not interfere unless being summoned. To keep this idea intact, the mascot for the logo of Busy Bee has been allocated to a small honey bee. Fly in when called for.


5. Boa Vista


Boa Vista is a business inspired by the concept of a bistro that offers a range of coffees. The logo of the business uses its mascot as a Boa Turtle, along with coffee beans. In a nutshell, it is a logo, which has been designed to keep its individual essence intact and impactful.


6. Courses Ninja


The first image of a ninja everyone has, is a human figure, who is rough, tough, kicking and punching everything around, right? But the ninja that serves as a mascot for this business, dressed in all black, holding a Nunchaku in one hand and showing a punch with the other, is rather attractive and cute.


Want to have a customized mascot logo design for your own business in UK? Join hands with GB Logo Design and get the mascot that defines the business for you.