Easter is a rather special time of the year. It falls on the first Sunday, following Good Friday after the Paschal full moon, that onsets on or after the Spring Equinox. The exact date of Easter is on roll every year, even when the dates for Christmas and Halloween stays predictable. The date of Easter can range anywhere between March and April 25. The easter being a significant event of religious belief is celebrated among people with a great enthusiasm.


People often spend about 200 Pounds each, during this festive time, solely on the Easter Franchise.


In this cutthroat market, having a competitive edge is crucial to have impression among the target audience. Thereby, having a creative marketing during this time can significantly help the business to earn high revenue, by increasing its visibility and eventually its sales.


Getting an Easter-themed logo is an extremely effective way of attracting the attention of the target audience. Having an easter themed logo is beneficial for both startups and established businesses. For the prior type, it compensates for the shorted budget allocation for easter campaign and for the later it creates a competitive edge over the counterfeit brands.


We, from the house of GB Logo design, present an Easter-themed logo of Cadbury. During easter chocolate itself gets sold in the figures of millions. As Cadbury has its place in the realm of chocolate, it is only justified to revamp its logo.



The Easter-themed logo of Cadbury has its originality intact. However, a pair of bunny ears and teeth along with a few easter eggs is highlighting its tribute to this Easter season. Moreover, a bunny cannot stay hanged onto the thin air, so the bushes around complete the look. In a nutshell, it is a perfect logo for the season. You can get your logo dressed in Easter spirit as well.


To inspire you for the same, we at GB Logo Design present lucrative offers exclusively for easter. You can not only get your logo revamped, but also get fresh logo designing packages for your business along with other corporate identities. We are offering flat 50 percent discount on Logo design packages and other lucrative offers of other corporate identity designs such as stationery, business card, flyer, brochure etc.


Easter marks the resurrection of the Jesus after his crucifixion. So, make this season of Easter your gateway to resurrect your business in UK from the darkness of generic logo and incompetent corporate identities and mold it to achieve greatness.