The logo of a business serves as its face, it is important that it looks good. In this digital media-obsessed world, every element of a professional logo design must fit together to deliver the most effective interpretation of the business in UK.


However, many a time, small mistakes can cripple the overall potential of a logo design.

Here, we will discuss 5 common mistakes that can ruin the logo design.


1. Using an Unprofessional Software

Logo design might start and process in mind and pen and paper during the initial stages, but it is ultimately delivered as logo file formats to the client. Using an amateur and unprofessional software might save several Euros, but would have catastrophic results in the end. An unprofessional software not only offers poor quality designs, but also limits the features required for designing.


2. Using fads and Trends as the Skeleton of Branding

Using glitters and bold typography becomes trendy from time to time, but their 15 minutes of fame disappears as the next trend gets its turn. Thus, relying on such short-lived style and typography in the heat of the moment is a huge mistake that is seen among several logo designs.


3. Using Unsuitable Graphics File Format

There are two major types of logo file formats, Vector and Raster. Each has its own features and uniqueness. Some are ideal for printing, others are highly scalable, while some suits well for website icons. As a business needs to have its logo featured in a variety of domains, sorting out the type of logo file format is highly crucial.

Ideally, a decent logo designing firm delivers the final logo in every file format, enabling the client to have every possible option open for their future needs.


4. Using Too Many Fonts

‘The more, the merrier’, is something that does not hold true when it comes to the typography and font. Not only it looks unprofessional and difficult to recognize, but often it redirects the target audience from the nature of business altogether. Ideally, any logo should use 2 different fonts.


5. Using a Renowned Logo

Benchmarking a renowned logo often ends up turning upside down as many logos actually make an exceptionally similar logo. This fails to serve the main purpose of a logo, creating a sole business identity in the first place. Thereby, often the target audience either mistaken it for the original brand or count this one as a counterfeit brand.


At, GB Logo Design, we deliver each professional logo after analyzing its potential and competitors. We also provide the final file in every format for further convenience. We value every client and ensure every client is satisfied with their brand logo.