“Life is like coffee, it is meant to be enjoyed one cup at a time”


The tiring work of an entire day ,surely demands several cups of coffee to get going. After a long night’s sleep, in the mornings as well, people often zombie walk until they reach the kitchen and take the first sip of the coffee. Needless to say, several cafeterias are blooming in every corner of the cities. These cafeteria businesses in UK need an attractive logo design to promote their respective business.



Here we present 5 Logos represents coffee cafe business.


1. 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge



The logo for the 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge is made with 3 cups stacked together. Each of these cups is painted in pink and each has 3 dots on it. Altogether it justifies the use of three twice. In the business name. The pink color, even though it is not usually clubbed with coffee, it represents the emotions of compassion, care and understanding, every comfort coffee conveys, justifies its usage.


2. Ashworth Barracks



Ashworth Barracks is a business that offers coffee and other confectionaries. The logo is made using the name of the business along with the outline of a coffee cup. The word cafe complements the steaming of the hot coffee has been reshaped to look like ‘@’ thereby, it evokes the target audience to take action, i.e. to have coffee at Ashworth Barracks.


3. Boa Vista



The logo of Boa Vista- Coffee and Bistro, has been designed rather cleverly. It is a superimposition of a circle over a 4 point star. The circle consists of a coffee mug, with the icons of a Boa turtle and coffee beans. The orange color, which is very prominent conveys enthusiasm, creativity, warmth, happiness, determination, etc, in a nutshell, the emotions people feel while sipping a cup of coffee.


4. Cafe Mustachio



The logo for cafe Mustachio is a very simple, yet appropriate for the business. The logo comprises of the icon of a coffee cup along with an outline of a mustache on it. It resembles the moustache cup, used by men with long mustache to help them keep dry while enjoying tea and coffee.


5. Dolce Latte



The logo for Dolce Latte is a rather stylish one. The coffee art is a very trendy thing these days, apart from adding taste, it enhances its aesthetics as well. Overall, it takes the coffee to a new level altogether. The business name has been used along with a coffee art, which encircles it.


Looking ahead towards your own cafeteria as well? Get your own personalised logo and spread the words with ease.