Photography has a rather special place in each of our lives. To capture and preserve these beautiful memories, we need professional photographers from time to time. Some offer event photography, while some indulge in seizing the breathtaking shots of nature, while some find solace in capturing the movements of wildlife.


Either way, it is important to convey its nature and feature to the people to offer a distinction from its competitors.


Here we offer 5 photography business that transformed its existence through personalized logo design.

1. Bantu Frame Photography



As the business name includes the Bantu, a native tribe of African origin, the logo prominently features the same. The logo has a silhouette of a Bantu individual. The particular features such as prognathism and broad forehead clearly indicate the to be a native of African. The business name along with the icon completes the logo and also justifies it well.


2. Karen Lunnon Photography



Karen Lunnon Photography surely offers quality services for their clients. However, instead of having a strictly professional attitude, they ensure the people experience each moment while making these memories. To salute this spirit the logo of this business has been designed with an icon of a shutter with 2 hearts, one inside and one inscribing it all, conveying, ‘capturing love, with love’.


3. Nicola Harvey Photography



Not every photography business needs to start from scratch. Nicola Harvey Photography is not a new name among its target audience. The logo for this business has been created solely with the name of the business, making it a wordmark logo. The touch of a twinkle in the ‘i’, resembles the flash of a camera, it literally calls out for a ‘smile please!’.


4. Phil Crosby Photography



This business deals with wildlife photography. So, it only feels justified that the logo comprises of the image of a wild bird. The logo is monocolored in blue, which depicts loyalty, wisdom, strength and is subtle to the eyes. The shades of blue also resemble the tides of the sea and layers of the sky, the places connected to the wildlife.


5. THC Photography



The business of THC Photography deals with architectural photography. Thereby, the logo comprises the icons of tall building and sky scrappers along with the business name with a frame. It conveys the nature of the business along with establishing a strong brand name.


Are you excited to revamp the logo of your photography business? Then get in touch with us and define your business with your logo.