There are a variety of customized logo designs that are ruling the realm of logo designing these days. However, there are 4 main types of the logo design. Each has its own set of advantages and scope. Today, we are going to elaborate one specific type of logo, namely the lettermark logo.



The lettermark logo uses the initial acronym of the business, instead of the entire name. It is particularly helpful for businesses with lengthy or complicated names. Here we present a few examples of customized lettermark logo designs that have been designed and delivered by GB Logo Designs.


1. Accident Information Center

The logo for AIC (Accident Information Center) is a simple and appropriate one as it represents the business that offers help and support during the hours of duress. The logo has been designed by using a silhouette of a horse that represents promptness and alertness that the business ideally commits. The color blue furthermore represents faith, dedication, trust, and wisdom.


2. Daniel Jones Personal Trainer

The logo for this particular client was designed to match his needs. The initials of the Daniel Jones have been highlighted in the logo along with icons of two dumbbells and weight-lifting equipment. The logo is painted in ombre colors of orange, which represents emotions like determination, enthusiasm, encouragement etc, which closely relates to bodybuilding.


3. Adam Brown Tennis Academy

The logo of this academic organization has been designed very cleverly with the initials A and B are overlapped, one top of the other. The letter A also mimics the net and the letter B encapsulates a small icon of tennis bat. Overall, it is a logo that speaks of its business in minute details.


4. Earth, Wind and Fire Consulting

There is no such thing as ‘one solution fits it all’ and the Earth, Wind, and Fire consulting agency know it all. Thereby, it promises to go any length in every domain to deliver the best solution. The logo of this business bears the initial of all its three elements ‘e, w and f’ in broken letters. A perfect logo for a perfect business.


5. Eighteen Sixty

Who says the initial can only work for words and letters? It comes handy for large numbers as well. The logo for this particular business is quite simple and yet effective as it uses the numerical numbers 1860 in broken letters. It saves a lot of space and makes sit easy to bear in mind.


Does your business name also sound like a long monarch family name? Get it trimmed and groomed into a customized lettermark logo design by taking a step towards GB logo design.