4 Common types of Logo Design for UK Businesses

Posted on February 9th, 2018 by admin
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Logos play a crucial role in branding and advertisement. Needless to say, each business in the UK, regardless of its nature, must have its own customized logo design. Depending on individual need and preferences, one might pick any kind of logo. However, today we will discuss 4 major kinds of logo designs.


So, let’s begin the countdown!


Wordmark logo

As the name itself implies, the wordmark logo is simply the name of the business graphically recreated to look more attractive. It is done by modifying the topography, font, colors, spacing and geometry etc.


Having a wordmark logo ensures that the entire name of the organization is showcased to the target audience. Undoubtedly, this ensures perfect brand recognition without any scope of confusing it with a competitor. This is particularly beneficial for small business and startups who are yet to make their impression on the market.


Lettermark Logo

A lettermark logo serves as its monogram, as it is designed using only the initials of the brand. The lettermark logo has wider scopes in academic and financial institutions as they often use their acronym instead of the entire name.


It is also convenient for the businesses, having an exceptionally lengthy name consisting 4 or more words.


Brandmark logo

The brand name logo is represented by a symbol of the business, without the name. It is mostly used by the global businesses, whose symbol itself is enough for recognition. However, it can be utilized by small businesses as well. It is also useful for businesses having a difficult pronunciation or a lengthy name limits the scope of wordmark logo.


Logo lockup

The logo lockup is a combination of two or more singular logo elements. Their clustering itself gives rise to the term lockup. It is often done by placing a meaningful icon/symbol along with a slogan to boost the purpose of the business.


It is particularly helpful for businesses with a wide product diversification. In that case, the main element of the logo can be clubbed with an individual domain to create a particular logo for better targeting.


So, which logo is best for your business in the UK? Well, that is a tricky question that needs some decent amount of time, research, and skills to evaluate for sure. It depends on the scope of the logo for your business as well.


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