The need for a customized logo design is compulsory for any business these days. Many naive designers find this as an opportunity to earn a profit and thereby establish a designing firm on their own. They often offer logo designs at an extremely cheap price. This attracts several clients, but soon after getting the final files, they see the reality.


Designing a logo is not just the ability to draw shapes and texts on a high-tech driven software. It is a rather long, detailed process to create the singular visual identity of a business. GB Logo Design is all dedicated to design and deliver the perfect customized logo for your business. Let’s explain in details our process for delivering the best logo for you.


When you communicate with us, for a logo, we offer you various packages for the same. These packages offer a different number of logo options that we provide. These included options of 2, 4 and 6 logo options. However, we provide unlimited edits to each of the logo packages, to ensure that the clients receive the perfect logo from us.

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Our online forum collects several crucial information regarding the logo and the business. It includes the nature of the business, what features they are looking for and a sample recommendation if any. We also offer recommendations of our own for the client to pick, in case they are not very familiar of the concept with the logo design.


Our designers do a thorough research on what kind of would look perfect for the particular client. For example, a wordmark logo would look better for a new business as it will help to acquire more attention. Similarly, a lettermark logo will be more appropriate for the businesses with a huge name and so on. Our designers carefully pick the fonts and colors as well.


Often the options we provide comprises of various logotypes for the client to have a clear picture of different types before picking the final one. Moreover, the unlimited edits are provided from our end till the time the clients give us a green signal for dispatch.


Our clientele comprise of a wide range of business backgrounds. Needless to say, our area of expertise is diversified as well. Our clients often keep coming back to us for any other relevant work as well. We are all dedicated to providing quality custom logo designed to our clientele.