Whether it is small, medium or large, every organization has a logo design these days. Several aspects of successful business such as digital marketing are in trend only for a previous couple of decades. This often gives rise to a misconception that even logo design is a new thing. However, it is far from the truth.


Even though, statistically, the number of logo designs in the present time period is significant as compared to previous years in history. This is true only because, nowadays every organization is realizing its importance and adapting them. The history of logo design is age-old. Today, we will discuss a rather special logo of Stella Artois, a beverage company founded in Belgium.


The exact date of its corporate origin of this beer company is still a matter of argument, but the tax records indicate it to date back to the year 1366. the business name Stella Artois is named after the Christmas star and as it clearly indicates, it was first launched as a seasonal beverage, available only during winters. By the time of post World War 2, the popularity of the brand was so hyped that it became a year-round beverage. Moreover, it was exported to European markets as well due to its significant commercial success.


The logo of the brand is a wordmark type logo. The color red is most prominent in the logo, evoking the sense of urgency. The color golden yellows add a hint of sophistication to the logo. The logo also comprises of an icon of the horn, geometrically mirrored floral design and the date of the year of its foundation.


Several managerial transfers have been observed within the organizational structure of Stella Artois, but the essence of the original logo has been kept intact, along with the packaging. This clearly shows the powerful impact the original logo has. This is clearly a classic example of an ageless logo.


Nowadays, several famous beer brands established a decent presence globally. However, the market position of Stella Artois is still going strong. The logo design instantly evokes the sense of familiarity and trust among the consumers, even though they are a little tipsy, or a lot.


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