Mascot logos are the type of logo designs that have their own lucky charm attached with their logo design. We, at GB Logo Design, keep designing these logos for our clients. Let’s have a look at some more amazing examples of animal mascot logo-



1. Koala Cosmetic



Not every day you find a cute koala putting mascara on its eyes, right! So when it does, you take a note of the business too. The logo for this cosmetic company has been designed with a mascot of its own, the koala. This is a very unique logo for a cosmetic company as most of them are generic types and this one has more potential to stick to people’s mind.



2. Spacedog Sweet



A dog is man’s best friend and thus it seems logical to take them along on the trip to space as well. The logo is a simple wordmark logo with a very customized O. It resembles the ambiance of the space with the dog sitting and enjoying a view of the moon. The addition of the tail was thoroughly praised by our client.



3. Sprightly Pets



Love comes in every size and skin, especially when they are pets. The logo for this business was crafted with love. The logo comprises a heart painted in pink. This heart has 3 animals carved in it- cat, bunny, and pigeon. The pink color evokes the emotion of love, affection, and care.



4. Pet A Doodle Doo




The logo of this pet care and pet grooming business is a special one. In fact, our client agreed with the first option itself. The logo is a simple wordmark type, with 2 icons of a cute dog in it. It is placed in a way that its eyes in place on the O’s. This logo is hard to miss to spot and stays in mind for a long time.



5. Twisty Tails



This is a very cute logo design for this business dealing with children stories. The logo comprises of a cat peeking from a hilltop with the business name written on the blue sky. The cat is sitting with a cutey expression and wagging its twisted tail, thereby justifying the business name as well.


Are you too having a business or organization that involves the animals or have their name on it? Then get a customized logo from the house of Gb logo design and uplift your brand name.