When life strikes you with an unlikely question, who is the first resort we turn to, for help? It is Google silly. In fact, don’t we all just open it once in the office, every day, just to check out if there is any wonderful doodle, they showcase on a special occasion! The logo design of Google is one of the simplest, yet one of the most recognizable visual identity of a business, these days.


Google has a simple wordmark logotype that is painted in the colors, blue, red, yellow and green. The blue color represents trustworthiness, serenity. The color red represents, passion, and importance. Yellow color symbolizes happiness, warmth and color green symbolize, stability, nature, and prosperity.


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Google logo

Google is one of the most successful businesses that have a diversified product mix, more than 200. Most of them use their own, unique logo, but many drapes their logo designs in the same colors of Google logo. Let’s take a look at some such logo designs.


1. Google Chrome

The logo design for this internet server is a pictorial logo of 2 concentric circular disks. The small inner circle is painted in blue. The outer circle is subdivided into 3 overlapping sections, each painted in colors yellow, green and red.


2. Google Drive

The logo design of Google Drive is a triangular one, with a hollow inner cavity. The 3 patches of each arm are painted in blue, green and yellow. Wondering, what about the color red? Well, those who use it, clearly don’t need color red to emphasize its importance.


3. Google Mail

The Gmail logo uses the letter M in red to project the outline of an envelop, the very representation of the postal mail. It is a self-explanatory logo.


4. Google Play

The play store logo of Google is well-known among every android user. It is a triangular logo with overlapping sections, each with one particular google color.


5. Google Photo

The logo design resembles a paper windmill of 4 arms, with each one having one particular color of Google. It is a well-crafted logo, as pictures indeed evoke good memories.


6. Google Maps

The Google Map logo uses a square template that is subdivided diagonally, projecting a road in yellow, right in between the lush greenery and blue ocean. The red drop-like bubble pinpoints to the exact location on the map.


7. Google News


The logo represents a pile of paper bulletins stacked upon each other, only, obviously, in the Google logo colors.


8. Google Ads

The logo of google ads is a simple wordmark type, stating its business name with ‘A-like’ icon painted in blue and yellow, with a tip of green in it.


9. Google Docs


As it represents electronic documents, the logo projects 3 icons of paper in colors blue, green, yellow. It has a simplified icon as well, it uses the topmost blue paper only.


10. Bonus- Google Favicon


The favicon is a shortcut icon of google usually for the website. The Google Favicon is a G that is divided into 4 segments, each of the 4 colors of the Google.


Each of these logo designs has its own beauty, but Which one did you like the most, let us know!