“An empty stomach is not a good political advisor.”

As Albert Einstein has rightly said, an empty stomach is a not a good start for any good day. In fact, around 5 out of 10 orders we receive for logo design package, is somewhat related to the food industry itself. As you might have noticed, red and yellow are the prominent colors for the food industry. It evokes appetite in people.


Here we present 7 logo designs that were made by the house of GB Logo Designs for the restaurants.


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1. Hunger Shack


This food business totally supports people who love to eat. Their logo literally is the pictorial representation of the business name. The color red, evokes the hunger and the cut out of a bite, moreover, heightens the emotion among the food lovers. It literally says, ‘if anyone lectures about your eating, eat them too’.


2. Kobe Sushi


We prepared the logo for this sushi place, again in shades of red and black. The logo comprises of a red platter with 3 chopsticks arranged on it. The addition of a small sushi piece in one of the chopstick kind of completes the look.


3. Riccados


This is yet another, simple and subtle logo design for a restaurant. The silhouette of a fork, spoon, and knife is carved out in a red platter. A clever logo that calls out to its target audience in one go.


4. Fritz


This logo design compliments well with the hot dog business. The logo painted in red and white illustrates a fork piercing a hot dog. The steam coming out of the hot dog completes the entire essence of the logo.


5. My Breakfast


Omelette is the most staple breakfast that ties with bread and butter. The logo design in yellow and white is cleverly designed to resemble the initials M and B, as the yolk and albumin, respectively in the omelette.


6. Ron’s Curry house


This restaurant serves some of the finest Korean Breakfast for the folks around. The logo design uses the rich colors yellow along with white and brown. The logo consists of the icons of a typical Korean breakfast, rice bowl served with eggs on top, along with a pair of chopsticks. It literally calls out for you to have a bite.


7. Mmm Curry Curry


This was a logo design that was appreciated well, for being a rather unique that adds an element of fun in it. The logo uses yellow colors to draw a smiley with its tongue out to demonstrate that the restaurant serves only the lip-smacking food.


Feel free to let us know, which one made you drool over the thought of a yummy breakfast platter. In case, you too deal with serving the best in the neighborhood, order your logo design package with us, to trigger your business today.