Since ages, crowns have been a privilege only to the monarchs. But today, one does not have to be ‘his or her highness’ to use it for their personal and professional usage. One can easily get customized logo designs comprising the elements of royalty. These are fun to make, great to showcase an excellent to attract the target audience.


Check out the 6 royalty-inspired customized logos we made in-house of GB Logo Designs.


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1. Prince Total Performance


It is an extremely simple wordmark type logo design. But the addition of the crown over the letter ‘P’ makes it a unique that is bound to grab more attention than its competitors. A princely logo for a princely business.


2. Sheba


The logo of Sheba is a text mark type logo design, that uses the business initial S, superimposing it as its original and its mirror orientation. The point of its junction is groomed with a small, royal crown. In terms of literature, it is a perfect tribute to the biblical ‘Queen of Sheba’.


3. The Great British Raj


This restaurant logo design that specializes in the Indian cuisine. The logo uses the white silhouette of Taj Mahal and Union Jack as the background with a waiter in traditional uniform, serving a platter of fine dining. Eating out in this restaurant certainly will give the feeling of royalty.


4. Florian Leonhard Fine Violins


We had the privilege of designing the customized logo design for its 20th anniversary. The logo comprises of a majestic lion, playing the violin, along with a patch showcasing the 20 years of celebration. The logo certainly adds an element of the royalty to this business.


5. Hallwilder Emporium


This emporium is not just like any other emporium house. Its professionalism and expertise in doing what they do make it a stand-alone among the swamp of a competitor. It looks more like a coat of arm, but then again, it is not your average emporium house.


6. Heir’s places



This logo design literally is a time travel switch that makes us have a quick visit to the Victorian era. The logo is designed as a door knocker is designed and decorated with a majestic lion. Its very sight gives an impression of the passage to a castle. A logo design hard to miss among every average design.


Does your business have an element or two of royalty? Then why settle for a regular logo when you can proudly flaunt your business among your people. Hire GB Logo Design to make it happen, in its glory!