The house of GB Logo design does a wonderful job in delivering the perfect, well-suited logo designs for our clients. We offer several logo designs with ‘multiple options’ packages for our clients to help the business of every size and need.


Today, we are here to discuss one very special client. It is a business inspired to bring smiles and giggles on the lips of mini customers. This special business is called- ‘Happy Little Fox‘ and offers Children interior solutions and gifts. It deals with offering a wide range of products including a series of customized, handmade items as well. Since it is a new business, which is yet to establish its unique brand identity, that is why we have decided to go with a wordmark logo design to showcase the business name to the world.


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We have predominantly used the color ‘orange’ as it conveys the emotions of happiness, warmth, excitements, prosperity, energy, and excitement. Needless to say, these emotions are very special to childhood and thus the most ideal color for this particular business.


Here we present the 4 logo design options, we designed for ‘ Happy Little Fox’-



This one is a monochromatic logo designed entirely in orange. It presents the business name, along with an icon of a proud fox, holding its head high. The fox designed in a simple silhouette and mainly makes people focus on the colors and absorb the essence of the same.




This one used the color black as well, along with the regular orange. The logo design shows some brilliant usage of the words. The letters ‘y’ and ‘F’ are clubbed together to make them resemble the tail of the fox.




This logo design option has a tiny icon of the fox. This fox is rather jumpy and ready to explore the world, somewhat evoking curiosity among the small children as well. The logo design also uses a hint of white color at the end of the tail and gives a special look to it.




This one was the final option that the client went with. It is created with all the 3 colors and it gives a special look, that looks very intriguing to the kids and sure to grab the attention of its target audience- the kids and their parents as well, as a bonus.


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Don’t forget to let us know which one did you like the best!