The importance of logo design is crucial for every organization these days. However, getting the right logo design can be a challenge. Often people make mistakes when it comes to logo design for their respective business or organization.


There are several kinds of mistakes out there, using the wrong color, or going for poor fonts, but today, we will list out 4 most foolish and yet most common mistakes associated with it, even in the year of tech-driven 2018.


1. You Have No Logo Design


It might sound like a silly point, but it is the biggest mistake related to a logo design. Having one is crucial for EVERY organization, irrespective of its nature. Strangely, as per studies, about 3 in every 10 new startups do not even own a logo design. And sadly, getting a customized logo design is not even on their strategy to uplift their business.



2. You Have Made A Logo On Your Own


Self-dependence is a beautiful thing and everyone should try to attain it unless it is something related to your health or logo design. It is best to let the professionals handle the same. A customized logo design takes a lot more effort and expertise that you might realize. Proficiency in designing, research, understanding the correct color blend, font, and familiarity with the latest trends are simply some of them.



3. You Have Not Registered Your Logo


Amidst the high recurrence of plagiarism of intellectual property, these days, logo ownership is no longer a choice these days, it is a necessity. The time frame and originality are 2 crucial factors in having the legal ownership of the logo design. Moreover, you need fresh, original elements for every new logo to get registered. Needless to say, making them from a professional firm is very crucial.



4. You Have Not Used Your Logo Enough


Getting a perfect logo is just the best kickstart. But using it perfectly is crucial as well. In case you have simply had your logo pasted on your office and not adapted it on the other business entities, you have made a big mistake. Using logo design in all your business portals is very much important. It includes a business card, brochures, website portals, email signature and more. You need to have your logo designed in every file format, in order to use it effectively in each of these portals.



After reading this blog, are you realizing you have made a mistake for your business logo as well? Use this opportunity and get a professional logo designed now from GB Logo Design. In fact, you can get it at a discounted price as we are offering the Christmas and new year offers right now!


Remember as Oscar Wilde rightly said once, ‘Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.


Indeed, mistakes are what makes us better if lessons are learned in time.