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Have you started a new business or you are going to start one? Then you must be trying to choose your new logo design. Most people become confused while trying to choose the perfect logo design. Whether a monogram logo will suit your business or a wordmark logo, the answer to that is quite complicated. But GB logo design in the UK is here to help you come up with a good decision for your business logo.


Let us first take a look at what these types of logo designs are.

Monogram Logo Design

If you don’t know what a monogram logo is, it is basically a logo design consisting of two to three letters or numbers. If you want your logo design to be a symbol of your business name, this logo will be perfect for you. Monogram logos are mostly for those who have complicated or quite lengthy business names. With a monogram logo, it becomes easily recognizable. With a monogram logo design, even your complicated business name will look quite simple and easily memorable.


Wordmark Logo Design

If your business name is very simple and quite short, this logo design is perfect for you. A wordmark logo design is basically a typeface-based logo design that only focuses on the business name. This type of logo design is often classified as timeless, especially if the type is very well designed. You can use this type of logo to create customized typography to establish your brand.

But how will you know which type of logo design is perfect for your name? We can help you with that too. If your business has the following you can go for a monogram logo design:

1. Does your business name have more than two-word names?
2. Does your business name consist of more than three words?
3. Is your business located physically in your locality or the industry you are working in?
4. Is your business name quite complicated?
5. Will you use your logo design on various platforms as convenient as you feel?
6. Will abbreviation make sense if you use it in your logo design?

If the answer to most of these questions is positive, then a monogram logo design is the best for you.

On the other hand, if the answers to the given below questions are positive, then wordmark logo design is perfect for your business.

1. Is your business quite new?
2. Does your business name contain no more than two words?
3. Is your business name quite catchy?
4. Is your business name distinct and recognizable from your competitors?
5. Are you going to use your logo design for various platforms?

With these questions, you will be able to choose the perfect type of logo design for your business. If you need further help, GB logo design in the UK is always here to help you choose and design the perfect logo design to your satisfaction.