professional logo design in the UK

Words can depict a visual story beyond their literal meaning if penned with the right typefaces. Renowned brands use custom logo designs that stand out by making a text-based business logo with the help of various effective fonts available today. From line weight to letter width, every flair that is added to a wordmark differentiates a brand from others. Therefore, in today’s blog, the highly professional logo designers of GB Logo Design, a reputed logo design agency in the UK, will reveal the 7 most creative font ideas for business logos.

Seaweed script

You must go for the seaweed script option for a logo design if you love the hand-drawn trend. The slightly roughened strokes of this font style add fun and crafty vibe to a logo design. Seaweed script style is applied mainly to the craft, clothing, and restaurant logos.


Do you like the sleek simplicity of geometric typefaces? If yes, you must-try this font style to design a business logo. Comfortaa offers a cool, funky, and modern writing pattern that often goes with almost every sector or industry. The ultra-round letters of this font style can make a logo design youthful and more contemporary.

Emily’s candy

professional logo design in the UKJust like its name, the entire look of this font is sweet, feminine, and childish. It is a must-try for the businesses that fundamentally sell snacks, women’s and children’s products, such as ice cream, chocolates, cakes, toys, or spa and salon services.

Kelly slab

Kelly slab has some uniquely angled strokes that often combine traditional and artistic elements in a logo design. The quintessential geometric style of this font makes a logo design readable along with giving it an attractive look. One may often opt for this font style while making skilled trade logo designs.


professional logo design in the UK

Lobster is all about the mingling of fun and traditionalism. It is an extremely bold font style and always caters to a positive or optimistic vibe.


professional logo design in the UK

It is a bold serif display font with multi-line designs. You should consider using this font style if your logo only has a wordmark or a minimal logomark to work on.


professional logo design in the UK

It is a straightforward script with an extremely sophisticated look. Therefore, it can be applied across a variety of industries to signify quality, sweetness, and most importantly, satisfaction.

Apart from these 7 font styles stated above, there are a lot of other creative font styles with which you can be more flexible and artistic while working for logos. But with that, you must remember that the readability of a logo is important for the business. Hence, you have to be more conscious when deciding on the styles and combinations of fonts. You can even contact an agency, where you will get the most professional logo design in the UK for your brand or business.