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Why Your Business Logo Needs A Holiday Upgrade This Year

Posted December 22nd, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin


As Edna Ferber has rightly said, “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.


The Christmas is knocking on the door and soon will come the time of the new year as well. The year ending quarter is a crucial period for several businesses. Many businesses earn a handsome profit during this festive season, often as high as 40 percent of the entire annual revenue. However, the competition for the same is becoming more and more intense since the past decade.


In this cat and mouse race, the ones who keep up the good work take some extra measures to ensure its effectiveness. For instance, surely you must have noticed a small Santa hat on top of VLC player during the Christmas season. It’s cute right! But it serves a very important purpose, other than looking adorable, it promotes the various deals, packages, and discounts offered by the company. Thus, this particular custom logo design does it all, simply with a minute upgradate. Your brand can do the same magic with the right move.

VLC Logo

Surely in the era of internet, running after target audience with pamphlet is not something that will be fancied by many. Instead, you can make a smart move by promoting your business on the online platform itself. In this regard, getting a customized logo should be the first and foremost step as a well-crafted logo can grab the attention of the target audience.

Facebook Logo

Though this upgrade of logo can be done by adding many elements, it is important to keep the elements simple enough for the common people to understand and relate to the festive mood. Adding an unrelated element will not only be ineffective, but it might miss out its purpose altogether.

Reddit Logo

After your freshly baked custom logo design has done its job, converting the target audience can be done quite effectively as well. Altogether, through a holiday customized logo, your business can achieve much more than your routine earnings.

LinkedIn Logo

Now that you know, all the perks of a customized logo for the upcoming festive season, getting one for your business is the right thing to do in order to explore its scope.

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7 Dazzling Examples Of Triangular Icons In Custom Logo Designs

Posted December 15th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

What is the only common aspect among the famous brands such as Adidas, SAP, VISA, Adobe, Mitsubishi, and Google drive? You have got it right, it’s the use of triangular geometry in each of their logos. To utilize the benefits of the same, many custom logo designs are being made with triangular elements in the UK these days as well.


In fact, the use of triangular entity is an age-old tradition, as it conveys the emotion of power, masculinity, timidity, organization, and efficiency. Particularly a triangle sitting on its base represents predominantly the stability. Simultaneously sitting in its corners, it represents dynamicity. Thus, in spite of its orientation, it adds value to its respective custom logo design.


Here we present a series of triangular logos and their importance in details.

1. Aztec

Logo Design


This logo has been designed by using a red and white grid pattern embedded within a triangle. The logo is sitting on its base conveying the assurance of the company in delivering what they have promised.

2. A.B.N.G

Logo Design


The logo is not an average regular sharp-edged triangle as we see in the mathematics book, rather it is designed by joining 3 shell-like structure at its center. It is much like the amalgamation of several units towards forming a group and hence justifying the name of the brand. Altogether it represents a triangular structure with rounded edges.

3. Judi

Logo Design


This company deals with trading and investment and the use of the triangular logo fits perfectly with the nature of business. The logo has 3 different triangles superimposed upon each other, representing the ascent and the downfall of the market value.

4. Kobe Sushi

Logo Design


Again, this is not an example of a conventional triangle. The logo of Kobe Sushi is designed by separating all the three arms of the triangle and arranging them in a different orientation, somewhat resembling chopsticks on the platter.

5. JDZ Media

Logo Design


The logo of JDZ media uses a small triangular icon sitting straight on its corner. The triangular shape is the most common geometric shape to be used in the media as it resembles the pause/resume button of music/video player.

6. Celtic experience

Logo Design


This logo is yet another example of an unconventional triangular icon. It is designed by embedding a circle upon a 3 leaf-like structure. Upon this superimposition, it gives a somewhat smooth triangular icon.

7. Alchemy

Logo Design


The logo of Alchemy not only has the triangle, but also the circular element in it, keeping the essence of its historical significance intact in the modern background. Moreover, the triangle represents the alphabet A in the logo as well.


These are some of the examples of triangular logos that have been designed by us. In spite every business being unique, the usage of the triangular logo adds a hint of stability and effectiveness to their brand.

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6 Splendid Usage of Illustration in Logo design for UK Businesses

Posted November 24th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

The world today is moving fast, the old trends are moving out and new technologies are emerging every day. Getting illustration logo designs in UK is one of them. The illustration is the visual, graphical representation of an idea or concept by the graphic designer. Though getting a logo done with existing stock image is utilized by many, the possibilities are endless with illustration technique.

Let’s go through 6 splendid examples of illustration logos.


1. Blue Bear Bakery

Blue Bear Bakery


As the name of the business clearly indicates its purpose, the logo justifies the same as well. The profile of a blue bear is carved on top of a tart base, suggesting the role of the bakery in the business.


2. The Birch Brothers

The Birch Brothers


The business deals with musical instruments mainly, the guitars. The logo is clearly showing silhouettes of two men holding a guitar in front of the two birch trees. Thereby, justifying the business name in a nutshell.


3. Bird Pro

Bird Pro


Looking for a fine breed of birds? The business of Bird Pro is just the thing that is needed. The logo itself shows an extremely intelligent bird wearing waistcoat and hat while holding a spyglass in its left wingtip. The illustration is doing what no other ready made design could have been able to do.


4. Broadwood Travel

Broadwood Travel


Crazy for traveling? Broadwood travel is the business to seek out for the same. The business thrives to make the traveling experience, a memorable one. The logo illustrates a person riding in a chariot which is being driven by a unicorn. The illustration clearly blends the element of royalty and magical experience enjoyed by the tourists and provided by the business.


5. Craft Chest

Craft Chest


As the name itself suggest, the business of Craft Chest consists of art and craft supplies and that too of a huge range of varieties and thus, it requires a chest to keep them safe.


6. Bean Bag Planet

Bean Bag Planet


Despite the luxury of couches and lazy lounge, the comfort of the bean bag holds a special love and that is the point of the business of Bean Bag Planet. The logo has been cleverly done in illustrations, with the outline of a bean bag over the company name.

With illustration logo design, any business in UK can yield a good return on investment by innovative branding and marketing. A capable logo designer in UK can shape the logo as per the specific need of the business.

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The Psychology of Color for Custom Logo Designs

Posted November 17th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Colors are the first way of differentiating things, that we learn as kids. With age, the fascination does fade, but instead we learn to classify colors as per the emotions it evokes within us. This intuition helps a lot to convey the business mantra to its target audience. Several businesses in UK are opting for custom logo designs to attract their customers.

Let’s understand the message that the most prevalent colors express with a suitable example




We all are familiar with the saying, ‘when in doubt, wear red’, thus, it is only fair to start the countdown with the vibrant red color. Red enhances the energy level of individuals by elevating their pulses. It also conveys warmth, excitement, and urgency among people. Red has been used by many-renowned businesses, as well.



The color of the bright sun, not only looks good on the sunny sky but also on company logos. It evokes the feeling of clarity, optimism, and richness of color of gold. It stands alone even on a busy street covered with advertising panels.



The color purple not only depicts royalty but also sparks the ignition of wisdom, imagination exploration in the minds of the people. It practically calls out the saying that ‘everything is possible’. It is perfect particularly for a new business or a business with unique features.



The color green evokes a love and importance of nature in our lives. It depicts health, growth, peace, and prosperity. Several environmental organization uses the color green to depict its correlation with nature.



The blue color mainly reminds us all of the mighty ocean and clear sky. It depicts the strength, professionalism, reliability, and tranquility. Many businesses in the domain of internet and electronics use the color blue in their logo.

Black and white and its shades

Black and white and its shades

Black is the absence of colors and white is the combination of all. But their combination of Black & White logos has been adopted by several well-known a brand, in all over the world. It is basic, simple and yet elegant. Mostly, it depicts the role of proper balance in our lives. The shades of grey and ash color also depict similar meanings.

Though many businesses use multicolored logo these days as well, having a monocolored logo has its own set of significance. So, pick the color that blends perfectly with your brand and get a custom logo designed in UK for your company.

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Trending – Black & White Logos by UK Logo Designers

Posted November 3rd, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Colors represent a lot about any company’s logo. However, there is a trend these days, particularly among professional logo designers in UK. They are using black and white logos instead of shades and colors.


Let’s understand in details, how this simplest color combination leaves the most long-lasting impression in the minds.


The color ‘black’ represents authority, power, and strength. Its resemblance to suit, briefcase and sunglasses make it ideal for representing business and professionalism. The color ‘white’ represents purity, clarity, and peace. It also represents a fresh start, and positivity. Together, these two colors, not only convey a strong, positive image for the brand but also goes perfectly hand in hand.


Apart from making things look more professional, the black and white logo also appears more lively on the other business identity such as business cards, flyers, stationaries etc. Not sure, if the black and white combo logo is for your business? To rule out any doubt, we present a list of black and white logos for you to check out before making up your mind.


Three’s Coffee Lounge

As the name suggests, the logo represents three dices, each having three dots to represent the business. In any blend of color, it would have looked insufficient, but in the shades of black and white, it looks, simply perfect.


Logo Design


Cafe Mustachio

The logo represents a simple coffee cup, with a mustache designed on it. It’s Simple, smart and yet sublime.


Logo Design


Cleaner Life Cleaning

As the name clearly indicates, the business deals with the cleaning of properties. The logo of the business illustrates a girl holding a duster, clearly indicating the same.


Logo Design


Cupid’s Arrow

Sometimes, love needs a bit of help of Cupid and that is where the role of this business comes into play. The logo represents the interlocked icons for both male and female, indicating the importance of each in the other’s life.


Logo Design


Dance Fanatics

For some dance is a pastime, for some it is a profession, but Dance Fanatics is the place for those, for whom dance is a passion. The simple message is conveyed through a sober representation of a dancing girl upon the initials of the business.


Logo Design


Edward’s Films

The logo represents the silhouette of a camera in black and white, depicting the importance of camera in the realm of movie making. If watched closely, an ‘E’ can also be seen on the silhouette of it.


Logo Design


Now that you are awestruck with the beauty and simplicity of the black and white logos, let the Professional Logo Designers of UK deliver the ideal logo for your business.

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5 Online Halloween Marketing Ideas for your business

Posted October 26th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Halloween is a rather special duration of the year in UK, when everyone pretends to be someone or something else. Some of the business experience tough time holding onto their businesses, as the competition goes pretty high. But the ones that adapt to these changes, make extra profit during this time of the year. In case you are inspired by the Halloween marketing of famous brands, and wondering your small or medium scale business won’t stand up to it, don’t sell yourself short. Instead, rely on the logo designers in the UK.

Halloween gives your business a perk, which, if you grab, will give you immense benefits in terms of both sales and recognition. So, here we present on 5 Online Halloween Marketing Ideas for your business.


1. Design a customized, professional logo


Logo Design 1


Your business logo must be kept intact enough to be recognizable by the people and staffs. However, there is a lot of scope of adding a hint of Halloween in the same. It can be anything like a bunch of bats, a giant pumpkin, spiderweb, graveward or more.

2. Design other business identities as well


Logo Design 2


Though a professional logo in the UK is what mostly features in most of the business identities, getting customized other corporate identities is a good idea. These include any and all materials that bears the such as business cards, flyers, letterheads etc.

3. Get a Halloween customized online presence

Logo Design 3

Most of the successful business has an online presence as well. These include owning a domain space on the internet along with a persistence presence on social media as well. Updating the facebook, twitter, Instagram profile with a customized Halloween cover would attract the attention of the users. It could either static or animated depending on your taste and budget for the same.

4. Send Halloween newsletter


Logo Design 4


To attract more and more audience, you can try to offer certain special deals and discounts as well. And what better way could there be, rather than a newsletter to offer the newest deals, coupon codes etc? And while doing that, won’t it be better to show off the Halloween spirit along with it.

5. Host Halloween contest online


Logo Design 5


Though hosting an offline contest is common too, not many people will actually travel just in order to participate in an event. Instead, an online event will be preferred and participated by most people. Moreover, people click and post pictures etc on social media anyways. With this, you can distribute gifts and coupons to the participants performing the best on the Halloween, along side promoting your brand.

Though you can do a lot more in the Halloween as well, the impact of digital presence should be taken care at first as most businesses are searched on internet primarily.

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Key elements of a great logo

Posted October 13th, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Every company has its own logo, some make it unique and distinctive while some tries to make theirs resembling some more reputed business. While several companies keep trying out new logo after time to time, the brands of companies like Nike, Apple, Samsung etc have its distinctive touch onto their respective logos. Do you want to design an immemorable logo for your own business as well? Stay tuned to find out how!

Today, we present some of the key elements for business logo designing

1. Keep it simple

The logo should be simple enough for you to illustrate without complicated software. Go for a simple design with none to a little topography. Fancy designs of font can not complicate things, but also makes the logo irrelevant to the business.


Business Logo Design 1



2. Get a decent color combination

Every color expresses a unique meaning, but simplicity applies for colors as well. A well-crafted logo with right color combination will express the business and its value. Though color is a crucial factor of a successful business logo design, getting one with sparkling effect or a rainbow will desecrate the essence of the logo. So chose carefully.


Business Logo Design 2


3. Symmetry and geometry

Several reputed brands have logos with patterns and geometric shapes. These cleanly shaved logos are not only easy to create, and procreate but also makes the long lasting impression on the minds of the people.


Business Logo Design 3


4. Timeless

Expense regularly for getting a new, modified logo is a matter of choice, but having a great element in the business logo designing, is actually a time trend, it lasts for decades. For instance, the mermaid with twin tails has been in the logo of Starbucks for decades, with a few modification around.


Business Logo Design 4


5. Versatile

A logo does not stay on the company wall and papers itself. It is printed on the stationary, brochures, flyers, billboards and much more. Go with the one, that would look appropriate with all the items of the business and not just one.


Business Logo Design 5


6. Memorable

Get a business logo designing for your business that is memorable. Not just by you but also in the mind of people. So, for a simple, elegant, and impressionist logo which you will find in the minds of your clients and customers, not in the company flash drive.


Business Logo Design 6


Thus, watch out for the above factor before finalizing the logo for your business.

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How to Get A Creative Brand Logo Under £65?

Posted September 22nd, 2017 in Logo Design [blog] by admin

Every company, independent of its nature of the business, needs a conceptual logo. Let it be a stationary item or an advertising billboard, this visual representative icon of your company is going to define you in the market. There are few businesses that own a graphic designing unit, but not every business can afford the same, especially the startups. That is why several logo designing companies exist that offers such services in a range of price. However, the usefulness of the icon does not necessarily mean that you need to spend an entire fortune on it.

Getting a creative brand logo can be fulfilled at an affordable budget by hiring a fresher, enthusiast designing student or a dedicated designing agency.

Let’s understand both these options in depth.


Hiring a Student

Professional Logo Design 2

Though many would not consider this as an option, students are actually full of great ideas and enthusiasm. Moreover, this is a win-win situation. At your end, you will be charged the least compared to any other source and the student will get to add the logo to his or her portfolio. A couple of institutions even take a step further by enabling posting of such work on institute’s website as an encouragement.

Hiring a Designing Agency

Professional Logo Design 1

Several individuals would not go for the previous option due to the lack of confidence or proper channeling. Hiring a designing agency is the perfect idea for such businesses with limited budget. A dedicated logo designing company can be easily spotted on the internet. Also, their portfolio enables you to understand the level of work, they have carried out until the present.

Since the graphical logo deals in the digital domain of graphic designing, geographic location or proximity is no longer a constraint for such businesses. The one that you need might be present in the neighbourhood or on a continent far from yours.

Price cannot buy imagination and creativity. Thus, it is highly recommended to think thoroughly before pouring a huge investment for a company’s logo. However, for any of these to work successfully, you will need to make sure of an effective communication. It includes providing the instruction and guidelines clearly to the designers. You are advised to prepare a checklist beforehand for getting a professional logo from a logo designing company. Go, get your business a visual representative today!

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