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Pay Attention To The 4 Dos And Don’ts Of Logo Designing
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Pay Attention To The 4 Dos And Don’ts Of Logo Designing

If you close your eyes and think of the globally-acclaimed brand name Apple, what you do see? It has to be the iconic logo that consists of a bitten fruit (apple) in it. Don’t you? Here lies the success of the logo design that has made the Apple company recognizable to the entire world from just a simple visual representation. This immediate recognition of any business logo design is considered to be the ‘Holy Grail’ by a majority of brand owners. But how does a single piece of art make brand recognition to a vast population around the globe? The task is not at all easy as it seems to be. The highest-rated business logo design company in the UK follows 4 major dos and don’ts while making brand logo designs for clients. Read on to learn –

Do make research on the target audience:

Before you start designing a business logo, you must invest some time to make a thorough research on the target audience of that brand or company. Research on the target audience will make you understand what your audience wants. So, understanding your potential customer’s requirements will make this task of tailoring a brand logo design simple and easy for you.

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Do keep the logo design simple yet impressive:

When it comes to making a brand logo design, simplicity turns out to be the best. A too much-complicated logo design will fail to evoke interest in the target audience. As a result, they might overlook your brand. At the same time, putting too many details in a logo design can make it blurry.

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Don’t follow the latest trend:

Following the trend in logo designing can make you throw out of the competitive market very soon. This is because trends come and go and last for a little while. Rather, not following any sort of trend and going classic and timeless will never make your business logo design outdated in the market of UK.

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Don’t use bountiful colors:

The selection of colors when it comes to incorporating into a brand logo design is pretty vital. Apparently, it may seem to be so easy but a lot of factors are there to keep in mind. Most importantly, you cannot make use of so many colors at a time in a single logo design. It may make a logo design look muddy, cluttered, and idiotic.

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Finally, the biggest do and don’t of designing a business logo are – do hire a professional logo design company in the UK and don’t rely on cheap logo design services that may ruin your brand reputability.

Enjoy an Easter-special sale from GB Logo Design! Don’t miss it!

Enjoy an Easter-special sale from GB Logo Design! Don’t miss it!

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No matter, whether we indulge ourselves in logo designs or web designs, we always prefer focusing on every vital aspect of graphic designs so that they can reflect your brand identity, products, and services in the most effective manner possible. Our graphic design services are able to incorporate a great sense of readability, trust, and brand value in the customers’ minds.

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Stationery Design UK

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Logo design colors tips on how to choose
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Logo Design Colors – Tips on how to choose

Choosing the right colors is one of the most important decisions when it comes to making a distinctive brand logo design. The right selection of colors emphasizes in a variety of advantages in your business by attracting potential customers to the brand. However, in many instances, unsuccessful color palettes have done just the opposite of that. So, now is the time to learn how to choose the proper colors for making a brand logo design. Below, the most reputable logo design service in the UK is going to reveal some useful tips to help select appropriate color palettes for your logo.

Analyze industry-specific color trends:

The foremost task while choosing the color palettes for your brand logo design, is to understand from which sector it belongs. Depending on the popularity and market condition of the particular color, you need to choose colors for that particular brand. For that, you need to research the prevailing color trends in that sector. For an instance, green commonly is used in environment-specific industries.

Color logo

Do not underestimate the black-and-white magic in a logo design:

Did you know that some of the world’s most iconic brand logo designs are made in purely monochrome? The combination of black and white can create a powerful piece of graphic design that makes a stark contrast among customary color palettes. However, you must keep in mind that you need to think extensively about how you can convey the meaning of the logo by removing all colors when you want to make a logo design in a black-and-white combination.

black and white logo

Use colors to control people’s moods:

You can simply invoke the emotions of your target audience with the right color selection. So, you need to understand what colors can easily make people overwhelmed by a brand. Example –

Red is a color that is pretty bold and yellow is something that makes people energetic shortly. So, the iconic logo design of McDonald’s has followed this scheme to attract the young crowd with enthusiasm and a feeling of happiness and joy.

red color logo

However, skillful planning and execution of the right colors are key to the ultimate achievement of a particular brand logo when it comes to its advertisement. So, it is very much important to choose the appropriate colors carefully. Craft your brand logo with the help of any reputable Business Logo Design service in the UK.

4 quintessential principles of spectacular logo designs
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4 Quintessential Principles Of Spectacular Logo Designs

A logo design is such a powerful piece of graphic design that has a lot to do for any brand or company. A logo design holds a massive responsibility to portray a positive impression of a particular brand or company. So, when an expert designs a logo, he/she becomes very much particular about its outcome. Fortunately, there are some useful principles that can make this task easier. Let GB Logo Design, a professional logo design service in the UK discuss 4 principles of making absolutely kick-ass logo designs.


If you look at the most popular brand logo designs, you can observe that all logos that have been successful and vividly appreciated are typically simple. Logo designers often make business logos simple as they use brand logos on different platforms, and in different sizes. So, if a logo design is complicated, the fine details inside the logo will certainly be lost. So, to make it understandable to each and every one, brand logos are usually simple.


The purpose of having a good logo design is to make it easier to recall the brand name. So, a business logo has to be memorable to the target audience. People usually, do not remember the brand name or more details about that, what they remember is the logo design. So, the symbol, font, and color for the logo design should be memorable.

Modern and classic:

A design can seem to be modern today but may not seem the same tomorrow. So, when making business logo designs, they need to be timeless. Undoubtedly, there should be several modern touches, yet business logo designs should be classic. And, they remain timeless for years to compete with the contemporaries.


A logo design needs to be well-balanced in proportion and symmetry. Remember that a logo should serve its purpose in all possible situations. So, A well-balanced logo design maintains its aesthetic and quality to fit everywhere perfectly.

So, for your logo, hire a logo design service in the UK that understands the value of your brand. Professionals always make a logo design meaningful to your clients from every possible aspect.

The Role Of Logo Reveal Videos In Digital Marketing
Logo Reveal Video

The Role Of Logo Reveal Videos In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing keeps bringing new innovations so this online marketing field evolves fast with each passing day. As one trend replaces another, digital marketing experts embrace modern techniques to improve existing technologies. One such trendy thing is making logo reveal videos for brands and companies. Logo reveal videos have been a leading trend in digital marketing for the last few years. This blog, brought to you by one of the most reliable Business Logo Design services in the UK is completely devoted to finding out the role of logo reveal videos in branding.

Satisfying first impression:

The very first impression of your brand or company is very much essential when it comes to introducing your brand to a number of potential audiences. It just takes a second to decide whether the brand or company is reliable or not. However, logo reveal videos play the vital role of being the representative of a brand. It is pretty impressive if strategically designed by any reputed Professional Logo Design services in the UK. Animated Logo Reveal Videos in the UK help create a positive first impression on behalf of a company and attract the customers’ attention.

Make a great first impression

Better way of storytelling:

As it is not a still logo design, it will convey the brand message in a way better manner itself. Animated Logo Reveal Videos in the UK contain more details about the brand or company. Thus, by watching a logo reveal video, people would get the opportunity to know about the company in a bit more detail. Therefore, with a short logo reveal video, you can tell your brand’s value in a unique manner.

brand story telling

Increases brand awareness:

Modern logo designers opine that Animated Logo Reveal Videos are way better than static images in the form of business logos when it comes to building brand awareness. It is several times seen that animated logo contents can more abruptly catch the attention of potential consumers by making a connection or bond with them. Animated logo reveal videos that last up to 7 to 10 seconds are more capable to increase brand awareness among the target audience than still logo designs.

brand awareness

Shows company’s professionalism:

It is your duty to convince your clients that you are the most professional brand in the market today. Most people are unaware that a brand they are seeing these days is following the latest technologies and trends. In the meantime, if you represent your brand with Animated Logo Reveal Videos, your clients can know about your real professionalism.

company’s professionalism

However, nowadays, many companies in the UK have gained immense profit with the help of Animated Logo Reveal Videos. If you are also considering it, let us know your requirements.

festive greeting design
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5 Ways Festive Greetings Can Help Your Brand Get A Positive Outlook

The festive seasons always bring a great opportunity to connect with each other. And, when it comes to connecting with your clients, there is no better way than sending them creative festive greetings throughout the year. As a business owner, you must remember that the more to get connected with your clients or target audience, the more they will recall you when they need you commercially. Let GB Logo Design, one of the best logo design services in London, tell you how it is possible. Here are the 5 ways you can create a good impression in front of your clients with the help of seasonal greetings and wishes –

Seasonal greetings create a ‘feel good’ circumstance:

Your client will always welcome a seasonal festive greeting from your side as a kind gesture no matter in which mood your client is in. They will definitely feel good on some special days by receiving a creative happy wish from your side. Your clients will take this as a warm-waving from your brand or company on special events.

clients feel good after festive greetings

Reinforces commercial relationship:

Sending festive greetings to your clients is the most beneficial non-commercial gesture that will surely strengthen your business relationship with your clients. Wishing your clients at certain special events creates a special long-term bonding, apart from your regular commercial interactions with them.

commercial relationship

Shares common emotions on the festive days:

When it is a common culture and celebration, nothing can beat a festive wish to be circulated positively to your clients. A nationwide common festival that is celebrated by every citizen should be honored specially. So, take this as a golden opportunity and wish your clients festive events to build up a good sense of togetherness and trust as well.


Sometimes no marketing strengthens the personal touch:

You do not necessarily need to offer great discounts during the festive seasons taking your brand at a high stake. All you need to do is zero marketing during some special events to strengthen your personal touch with your clients. Wondering how is it possible? Well, just a creative season greeting can do this amazement without any business intentions.

personal touch with client

Helps remember you throughout the year:

You can make an ever-lasting positive impact on the minds of your clients by sending them seasonal greetings throughout the year. Your attractive and productive wishes will make you unforgettable to your clients. As a result, you will always be on their mind both personally and commercially.

ever-lasting positive impact on clients mind

Keeping your clients happy is the key to a good business. So, promote your business to the next level by sending seasonal wishes to your clients. Get in touch with GB Logo Design which apart from making professional logo designs in the UK, can help you with the best yearly festive greeting design in the UK for impressing your clients.

Besides, if you are looking for the best Logo Design Packages in the UK, get in touch with us today!

Pros Of Hiring A Professional Logo Design Service In The UK
Logo Design

Pros Of Hiring A Professional Logo Design Service In The UK

Most common folks cannot design an appropriate logo design for any brand or company as designing professional logos is not an easy task. Remember that all great logo designs are most likely to be simple, memorable, and unique at the same time. Since a well-designed logo is meant to be the face of your brand across all marketing platforms, you might need to hire a professional logo design service in the UK to get the desired outcome. For example, at GB Logo Design, highly professional and expert designers have the skill to design a logo that can instill confidence and be trustworthy in front of your target audience.

Now, let’s explore some pros of seeking help from a professional logo design service in the UK

A logo with a professional look:

Remember that the first impressions last for a long time. Amidst the ever-growing market with thousands of brands surfacing in the limelight each day, it really requires a good logo to hook potential customers to your brand just in the first few seconds. The colour, font, size, and style come together to represent your brand to the audience. So, hiring a professional logo design company in the UK gives you peace of mind as you get the best design and look of a logo. Besides, they are able to perfectly incorporate the key message of your brand in the logo to connect with your customers.

Professional Logo


A logo with proper concept and strategy:

The main aim of designing a logo for your brand or company is to create massive brand awareness. Besides, a logo should be used as a tool to increase visibility and raise the credibility of a particular brand. Therefore, it is preferable to hire a professional logo design company in the UK that understands your brand and portrays the philosophy of your business. Note that every business has certain images that are mainly related to a specific industry and professional logo designers use them to their advantage to stand above the market competition. This very strategy behind designing the logo is to make it unique and memorable as well.

Concept and Strategy logo

A logo that catches customers’ attention:

There are two types of attention – the good one and the bad one. Like all brands, your brand also needs the attention that is positive. Hence, a professionally-designed good logo with proper meaning and a perfect explanation of the brand and tagline is imperative for your brand. In short, there is the only way to get a logo so good and attractive is when it is professionally designed and sticks in the customer’s mind, and endorses completely.

Attention logo

So, make sure that you hire a professional logo design company in the UK when it comes to the good impression and reputation of your brand in the market.

Festive Greeting

GB Logo Design’s New Launch Of Amazing Packages For Festive Greetings

Most renowned companies consider the holiday season the most generative and profitable time of the year. In the meantime, your clients’ inboxes remain full of emails with vouchers, discounts, special offers, and packages. So, while planning your holiday email marketing campaign, you should also include one more type of text — a holiday message that is mainly designed to build customer relationships instead of just selling something. Sending charming festive greeting designs to your clients is considered to be an opportunity to get closer to your customers in the UK.

However, you can easily find many holiday greeting designs on the internet that you can use to send your clients in the UK. But think a while if those are truly effective and able to serve your purpose. Easily available festive greeting templates can reflect your brand values and identity in a limited way only. So, now is the time to make your holiday message a wonderful gift, and share the seasonal joy with your customers with GB Logo Design.

Reasons to choose us as your festive greeting designing partner:

  • We keep it simple, short, easily understandable, yet heartfelt.
  • We strive to reflect your brand spirit with seasonal holiday greetings.
  • Every festive message that we design for you is connected with the sweet emotions of your clients.
  • Our creative and catchy festive greetings encourage your target audience to be part of your world.
  • We offer the best-ever festive greeting packages in the UK.

Our yearly festive greeting packages include the facilities like:

  • You will get 12 creative festive messages to send your clients for just at 150GBP.
  • We deliver our final work in jpg and ai/pdf files.
  • Our festive messages are designed in a way so that they are passable via any social media platform.
  • Unlimited edits from our sides until you get satisfied.
  • We deliver every holiday greeting 2 to 3 days before the date of the festival or holiday.

Remember that, your clients may not find time from their busy schedules to go through lengthy messages in the extreme holiday rush. Keeping this in mind, we create our holiday greeting designs quick to read, simple yet lively, and creative enough. Just a few lines from GB Logo Design’s festive greeting designs in the UK are enough to leave your clients feeling happy and joyful in every festive season.

Visit us if you are interested in our yearly festive greeting packages in the UK.

Logo Design
Logo Design

The Function Of Logo Design To Develop A Corporate Identity

A logo is better known as a visual depiction of branding and a typical graphic symbol of your brand identity. An amazing logo design recognizes the brand and gets it registered in the mindset of the target audience. Investing time and money in making a creative logo design ensures an attractive appearance that provides cohesion and consistency to your brand or company. However, that is the power of a robust logo design for the development of your brand identity. Let GB Logo Design, a reputed and highly Professional Logo Design agency in the UK discuss the indispensable function of a logo design for building brand awareness.

Grabs attention:

An eye-catching logo can quickly grab the attention of the viewers and communicate a company’s core values in a totally unique and interesting way. That short attention span – the one that causes the audience to judge your business by its appearance, can work to your advantage if you have a dynamic logo design to speak on behalf of your company.

Grabs Attention

Creates strong first impression:

If you are a business owner, you must know that a logo is a company’s first introduction to the target audience. If designed perfectly, a logo can pique the interest of consumers and invite them to learn more about the brand or company. However, this first impression is your way to immediately communicate ownership over the products you sell.

First Impression

Considered being the foundation of brand identity:

Did you know that successful branding is all about telling a story that will influence the emotions of the audience? And, also it is true that a well-designed logo is not only a part of a company’s brand, but it serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built upon.

Brand Identity

Separates from contemporaries:

Note that your brand should be different from your logo because your company logo tells the audience why your business is unique and special. In a nutshell, it can be said that your logo is an outstanding forum to both convey your values and show the target audience why you are not like your competitors and why you are better.


So, as you can see, you need a logo, it is a crucial part of building a successful business and brand. However, designing a professional logo design does not need to be complicated, so to avoid confusion, contact a Professional Logo Design agency in the UK.