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Top 5 Logo Design Trends To Be Continued In 2020

The start of a new decade is often the sign for new opportunities and new logo design trends. Pretty much 9 out of 10 companies that have lasted for more than 10 years has changed their logo at least once. The importance of a logo design to a business varies. It could be for distinguishing a company from its competitors, or for brand loyalty. However, a logo design is used to represent the identity of a brand. Every other reason is important but secondary.


Whether you have just started your business, or have owned your business for a long time, a trendy logo design can help you stand out in the market. Below there are 5 trends that we are predicting will be most popular in the world of logo design in the UK for 2020.

1. Handmade Logo

Handmade logo UK

Many businesses push back to a more vintage style to distinguish themselves from its competitors. One of the way is by using the handmade logo design trends. Hand drawn lines and simple use of colors in the logo design for any small or established business provides an authentic feel to the customers.

Famous brands with handmade logos are: Coca Cola, Cadbury Kleenex.

2. Geometric shape Logo

Geometric shape logo UK

Geometric shapes in a logo design communicates different meanings. For example, triangle means stability and change, circle means continuity, rectangle and square means efficiency and strength. Geometric shape logo design are used to achieve a modern feel. It can fit even on small sizes, and they are still distinguishable.

3. Monochrome Logo

Monochrome logo UK

A monochrome logo is a black and white version of a logo design. Monochrome logo are sleek and sophisticated that can work for any business you run. A black and white logo projects authority, class, simplicity and elegance. While designing the logo, a professional logo designer should remember “ minimalism is the key point”.
Famous brands with monochrome logos are: Adidas, Disney.

4. Typography Logo

Typography logo UK

A typography logo design is the company’s name incorporated in it. For example Google, Amazon,Netflix. Text based logos seems to be the simplest logo designs, but sometimes it is difficult to pick the perfect typeface for a logo, out of many available. Logo designers should consider the brand’s personality and brand’s heritage before creating the final logo.

5. Gradient Logo

Gradient logo UK

We are predicting that gradients will continue to be in trend in 2020. When Instagram in 2016, came up with this trend for their latest rebrand, since then, the bright, bold gradients are one of the hottest trend in the world of logo design. When implemented correctly, gradients can make your logo design look modern, impactful and elegant.


In the year 2020, we will enjoy minimalistic logos made of simple geometric shapes, handmade logos with different styles, colorful logos with gradients, classy monochrome logos, and even more. It is always suggested to hire a professional logo designer in the UK for creating a trendy logo for your business or brand. They have a deep understanding about what logo design is suitable for your business.


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Logo Design [blog]

Benefits of Graphic Design Service for Marketing and Brand Image

Benefits of graphic design service for marketing and brand image

As the world is becoming smaller with technology integration and dynamic communication strategies, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to establish a distinct identity for themselves and separate their image. Businesses are looking for creativity methods for engaging customers and Graphic Design Services is one of them. It is a visual communication method for problem-solving. The graphic design utilizes elements such as photography, typography, motion graphics and illustration for creating appealing images and capturing attention. Businesses are increasingly using the best graphic design services for selling products or services as well as opening new markets. The benefits from graphic design are significant, some even surprising:

Employee pride & productivity

Employee pride & productivity

A creative and effective graphic design will mean that the company websites will be aesthetics, communication with consumers will be productive and consumers will share positive reviews about website or online app. This in-turn helps in improving the motivation and productivity of the employees and increases their pride. Surprising yet true!

Saves quality time

Saves Quality time

Having an experienced graphic designer or service provider is a boon. With years of experience, in-depth training and expert in software application, graphic designs can be prepared quickly and aligning with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Saves cost

For small budget organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups, graphic design can be a profitable investment. Rather than hiring cheap designers which will result in cheap designs and negative reviews, investing in authentic and credible graphic designer will help in establishing designs which can be utilized at different scenarios and for different purposes.

Attract customers and keep them interested

Attract customers and keep them interested

A creative graphic design ensures that customer attention is grabbed with the unique design and aesthetics. When the graphic design offerings are valuable, they keep customers engaged and interested in long-term.

Increase interaction with viewers

Increase interaction with viewers

High-quality graphic visuals can increase the overall interaction between business and viewers. This is possible with higher views across social media, higher number of followers and shares, increased customer base with better-designed websites, blogs, e-newsletters and printed materials. Graphic designs utilize high-quality infographics, photography, video and illustrations for creating more successful and effective marketing tools.

Graphic designs are great tools for establishing positive image of the organization’s marketing tactics. However, it is important to look for providers of authentic, reliable and experienced graphic design services so that the designs can be utilized for long-term purposes.