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Logo Designs In UK: Top Brands That Use Optical Illusions In Their Logos

Posted October 19th, 2020 in Logo Design [blog] by Rebecca Darcy

Optical illusions baffle the best of us. When we talk of optical illusions, it’s always more than what meets the eye. Did you know that most popular brands use optical illusions in their logo designs to make it more appealing and offbeat?


Since GB Logo Design is all about logos and graphics, here we present the names of some top brands that use optical illusions in their logo designs. So without wasting another moment, let’s take a brief look at those big brands’ logo designs, shall we?


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LG-Logo Designs In UK


We all love electronics by the brand, LG. LG is a reliable South-Korean multinational brand that has been selling electronic goods to consumers in the UK since ages. The logo design of LG is an interesting one. Upon close observation, we find two optical illusions – one is of the power button and the second resembles the smile of a happy client.






Toyota is a Japanese multinational automobile company that has been catering to the automotive needs of people in the UK for years. Almost a majority of us recognize Toyota’s logo design. So what optical illusion Toyota’s logo design is hiding? When you look deeply, you might see the entire name of the brand T-O-Y-O-T-A inside the circles.






Almost everyone has used courier services offered by FedEx once in their lifetime. FedEx is an American-based multinational delivery services provider that promises to deliver goods safely and on time. If you look properly into FedEx logo, you will find a white arrow that symbolizes speed and direction and this is exactly what FedEx claims. So, do you find this optical illusion cool? Reply in the comments section.






NBC is an American TV show channel that provides awesome programmes for the world to see. Since NBC is so amazing and loved, so is their logo design. NBC too has used an optical illusion in their logo. Can you catch that? Well, the different coloured leaves in NBC’s logo resemble feathers of a peacock. 


So, which above-mentioned brands’ optical illusion you liked the most and why? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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Benefits of Graphic Design Service for Marketing and Brand Image

Posted September 9th, 2019 in Logo Design [blog] by Rebecca Darcy

Benefits of graphic design service for marketing and brand image

As the world is becoming smaller with technology integration and dynamic communication strategies, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to establish a distinct identity for themselves and separate their image. Businesses are looking for creativity methods for engaging customers and Graphic Design Services is one of them. It is a visual communication method for problem-solving. The graphic design utilizes elements such as photography, typography, motion graphics and illustration for creating appealing images and capturing attention. Businesses are increasingly using the best graphic design services for selling products or services as well as opening new markets. The benefits from graphic design are significant, some even surprising:

Employee pride & productivity

Employee pride & productivity

A creative and effective graphic design will mean that the company websites will be aesthetics, communication with consumers will be productive and consumers will share positive reviews about website or online app. This in-turn helps in improving the motivation and productivity of the employees and increases their pride. Surprising yet true!

Saves quality time

Saves Quality time

Having an experienced graphic designer or service provider is a boon. With years of experience, in-depth training and expert in software application, graphic designs can be prepared quickly and aligning with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Saves cost

For small budget organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups, graphic design can be a profitable investment. Rather than hiring cheap designers which will result in cheap designs and negative reviews, investing in authentic and credible graphic designer will help in establishing designs which can be utilized at different scenarios and for different purposes.

Attract customers and keep them interested

Attract customers and keep them interested

A creative graphic design ensures that customer attention is grabbed with the unique design and aesthetics. When the graphic design offerings are valuable, they keep customers engaged and interested in long-term.

Increase interaction with viewers

Increase interaction with viewers

High-quality graphic visuals can increase the overall interaction between business and viewers. This is possible with higher views across social media, higher number of followers and shares, increased customer base with better-designed websites, blogs, e-newsletters and printed materials. Graphic designs utilize high-quality infographics, photography, video and illustrations for creating more successful and effective marketing tools.

Graphic designs are great tools for establishing positive image of the organization’s marketing tactics. However, it is important to look for providers of authentic, reliable and experienced graphic design services so that the designs can be utilized for long-term purposes.

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